Wednesday, December 29, 2010

VERY blessed!

I have always known this but as I sat and sat and waited and waited at the dr.'s office today I started to think about all that I am so blessed to have.
I am so extremely blessed to have such an amazing husband that is doing everything he can to allow me to stay home and be with our children instead of sending them to daycare. I have always wanted to stay home with my children and feel extremely blessed that I am able to and that I married a man that is working his butt off to allow me to have that dream to be home with them every day! (although some days I think I may want to go back to work:)!!!!)

I am just as blessed to have an sweet, and HEALTHY baby girl! Every day she amazes me with something new that she can do. She is babbling so much more and trying to say so many words! To think a month ago I was worried about her speech!!! I guess those speech therapist knew what they were talking about when they said she was 7 weeks early and that she is 7-8 weeks behind in development. That I need to remember to adjust her age when it comes to milestones! She makes me laugh all day long (and can make me pretty mad too!). She is one of the best things that has happened to me!!!

I feel very blessed to be having an EASY and HEALTHY pregnancy this time around! When I was sitting at the dr's I was thinking it would have been this appointment(or last week) that they sent me to the hospital to deliver Emma! I can't imagine if I had gotten the same news! There would have been some serious stressing going on... but as my coworkers at Christ church told me all you need is some bottles, pacifiers and blankets for the first few weeks. We have all that!!! I can't believe that this little boy will be born in just 30 days and that we will be a family of 4! I can't wait but at the same time have anxiety about the changes that will happen! I know that is all normal and that people do it everyday... I am thankful I am not going from a family of 3 to 5 like my sister did... THANKS for getting that out of the way for our family Kim:) We are also very lucky and blessed to have mema and papa love their grandchildren so much that they are going to come home from SUNNY and WARM florida for a few weeks to help out with Emma and the baby when he is born! I will need the help for sure after the c-section!

While I thought about how blessed I am to have my family be healthy and happy I can't help to think of those that are celebrating this holiday season and wondering what the future holds for their family.
A friend of mine, her sister was diagnosed with a very rare and aggressive ovarian cancer and she will be getting results of her scan tomorrow after going through and intense chemotherapy. I pray that she was able to have a wonderful Christmas with her family and her little girl (2.5 and 10months) and that they can celebrate the New Year with great news from the doctors. If you would like to read more about her journey go here.

A friend of my sisters who received news that her brain tumor was back just before Christmas, who also has a young boy... also reminds me of how blessed I am to be here and to have my family be healthy and able to look into the New Year with nothing but happiness and positive thoughts of how our family is going to grow! I only hope that these families along with so many others can find happiness in something as they go through such a hard thing.

Ok... enough of the sappiness and here are some picture of the sweetest baby girl I know...Well one of the sweetest! This is a dress that her Grandma made for her and we got an iron on applique from Etsy so she can wear it all winter with the snowman theme:) I just LOVE IT!!!

I guess this pregnancy has pulled out the sappiness in me and has made me realize how truly blessed Jeff and I are to have a beautiful healthy baby girl and a soon to be baby boy and to have our health and happiness!!!

My serious Girl

Checking out her snowman

FINALLY playing with the babies!

She used to take them out of the chair, carseat or anything and say NO and throw them! I was starting to get a little nervous that we would always need to have her brother out of reach!

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