Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Patch with Grandma

Tim's Pumpkin Patch with Grandma!
wagon ride!

Looking for the the PERFECT pumpkin

He was more into the pumpkin then looking at mommy!

Wasn't paying attention that my shadow ruins the picture:(

Love them!!

such a cutie!!!

got him to sit for .1 second!!

SO excited Grandma is here!!!

STRETCH the 1000lbs pig! 

They have a very YUMMY bakery!
Special Ghost cookie treats!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Candy corn cupcakes

From Grandma!!! Grandma came to visit with very yummy cupcakes!!!! 
Emma could not take a picture that looked normal!  Maybe because she was enjoying the yummy cupcakes sooo much!!

His face says it all!!

More Pictures!

Time for Fall crafts!

 Mema's Birthday party:)
I can't believe how big Hadley looks here!!  Just crazy!

Enjoying their birthday Donuts:)

 Sporting their new shirts from a friend! We LOVE them!!!

We are here.... going back a month or so!

We are still here.... just not in the blogging mood I guess.  Well that and my computer gives me issues so I can't be on it more then a few minutes here and there.

I love fall and the pumpkin patches and apple orchards so we did a lot of that this fall...
WARNING... Picture dump!!!
Beak N Skiff!
Looking for the perfect Apple with daddy!!

Found the perfect one!

Got the biggest one!


The Hollow Pumpkin Patch

They were so excited to hear the cow mooing and saying hi to them... 

 Until he got closer!!!!  Then he was FREAKED out!!

 Daddy was there to keep them safe:)

Best we could get:)

Sibling love:)
 Sitting on Mater's Friend!

 Hay Jumping time!