Saturday, December 18, 2010

peek #2 :)

Letter #2 is an M...

I messed up on it but it is going to have to do:) Who is going to get that close and see the bubbles that you see in the picture. It will drive me nuts so I am sure I will be fixing it but.... for now it will do the job!

Any Guesses???
The letters may not be in any particular order:)

That is it for tonight... I need to order some paper if I can't find it on Monday. I am off to bed while Jeff is at a hockey game, Guinness, Sabol and Emma are sleeping and my throat is killing me!

Have to get a good night sleep because we are going to try santa 1 last time tomorrow AM. Maybe seeing her cousins sit with him will help. We may have to have Aidan in the picture because she loves him... maybe if he is sitting there so will she... I doubt it but MAYBE??? I am fine with the screaming picture but I couldn't even get that close to the guy!!!

(I have no clue why the font is different but too tired to figure it out.... it looks the same as I am typing but shows up different on the blog...)

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