Friday, February 25, 2011

Another SNOW day!

Well We were going to head out today and get our friend Zoe a birthday present because he party is tomorrow...  Well Mother nature had other plans for me... stay inside and do NOTHING!  We played A LOT of play-doh, colored a TON and watched a lot of Sesame, Grover, Baby Einstien and Clifford!  Thank You TV and DVD's:)
Here are some photos from the other day.  One of these days I am going to go through all my 20,000 pictures and get them organized and edit some....  maybe when the kids are in college:)

I would love to put photos but apparently I have run out of space to put pictures on:(  I am so sad right now!!!

Great Birthday:)

This was started the other day.... The 23rd:)  Just getting back to it!

Today started with reading a text from a very good friend from SC (just moved to NC about 2 weeks ago) that she had had her beautiful baby girl on the 23rd!!  My Birthday:)  I knew it was a wonderful day to have a birthday!!!
I got to spend the day with these two SWEET babies!

After Emma was in bed, Jeff and I headed out to dinner and left Liam in the arms of Aunt Kim.  I had a talk with L before we left that he was suppose to poop while she was here.  He is on a 3 day cycle (TMI:) and it was day 3.  It didn't happen and he did it probably before she was out of the driveway.  I wanted to give her a call and have her come back to finish her job!  I am sure I cleaned many of Aidan's dirty diapers:

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Is this a sign???

E is really into the Potty after watching her cousins be Potty trained...  she took the diaper off her doll and took her to the Potty. 


Today I had all sorts of plans and things to do... but Mother Nature had other plans for us....  Her plans were for us to stay home and do NOTHING....  SO that is what we did!!!  A day in our Jammies:)
Emma LOVED this outfit of L in his doggie suit

My Little Bull Dog!

Play Doh has been my savior the past few days!

CHEESE!!!  Turn off the flash Mommy!!!

Our unexpected storm.  Yesterday Emma was out playing on the patio...

Something we see MANY times a day and hear MANY times a night:)

Hopefully tomorrow we will get out of the house!!!


Thank you Uncle Craig, Aunt Haley and Ava! 
I love the stool that you sent for Liam and Emma is loving it too!   We might have to get her one as well!

Thanks to the CA Lowenberg's.  These socks are a HUGE hit!  Emma is obsessed with socks and shoes (yes her daddy is in trouble when she gets older!!!) so, she thinks these are the best when Liam has them on!

3 weeks and GROWING!

Life is tough and tiring for a 3 week old!

I think I am now the same length as Midnight!

Look at those CHEEKS!!!

Emma forcing the DOOOGGGIIIEEEEE in his mouth

What do you want???????

Yes, I have the child that will get in trouble at school for climbing up the slide!

hanging with Guin-Guin

Liam is 3 weeks old!!!  Almost a month:(  He continues to be a super baby!  No complaints yet.  Although last night he did have a rough night... maybe it was from what I ate though....  We will see because I didn't learn and had left overs for lunch:(  When we went to the Dr's on Tuesday he was 8lbs 8oz so he had past birthweight!  WOO HOOO!!!

Emma is starting to really adjust.  She doesn't like when he cries and tries to shove the paci into his mouth which he doesn't always like!  She "held" him once and gives him many "air"kisses a day.  The hardest time for her is around 4:30 when we are getting ready for dinner and until bedtime.  The in between time she just looks at him and wants to know where he is at all times!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Next Holiday

Well we missed Valentine's Day.  We didn't have any festive shirts or clothing... I know I know... I missed a holiday and a chance to get Emma all dressed up.  I guess I was a little more busy this holiday!!!  So we are moving on to my FAVORITE holiday... St. Patricks Day!!!  It was my favorite to celebrate in my classroom too! 
So here is Liam in one of his MANY St. Patty Day outfits and Emma wearing her shirt from last year... I need to get her something for this year but I have some time:)!!

as I stated yesterday.... not so easy to get a picture of my WILD 2 year old!

Helping with Liam

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pictures and more Pictures

I know there are a TON of pictures of Liam and few of Emma but it is MUCH easier to take a picture of an object that is not moving vs. and object that is running a mile a minute!! Emma does not walk anywhere.. She RUNS and RUNS and RUNS. She gets mad when Guinness stops running with her but even guinness gets tired out from her! I did not think it was possible for her to get tired! I am hoping she will slow down someday so I can have better pictures of her but I guess that is the phase of life we are in!!!

This was on Sunday.  It was a blue sky and then all of a sudden it got super dark in the house and this is what it looked like outside.  For those of you that know our house know that you can see trees and a house in the back.  It was snowing so hard you could not see anything!

He loves his Paci but I think he is really going to love his thumb because it is in the hole of the paci!

having snacks with daddy!

Sibling bonding... or fighting in who gets to sit in what baby seat!

One of his few "alert" moments!

Happy Valentine's Day:)

She is saying MELMO, MELMO!!!! 

First bath!

Liam HATED the bath until he found the thumb!!