Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow....

snowbank:)you can see the fence post stick up behind it on the left side.... the rest of the bank is taller then that!
and that is what it is doing!!! I have lived here my whole life (minus a few) and I have never seen this much snow this early on in December! I look out in awe! I am hoping that it sticks around for a White Christmas!!! With the way the weather forecast looks into next week I think we will get my yearly Christmas wish!!!

So today the fence people came back! They did not dig wholes or set any post... they shoveled and shoveled. they have a path around the whole yard for where to dig tomorrow. Although with the weather forecast, they may be shoveling some more tomorrow! When I took Hot chocolate out to them today they said that their boss had called and wondered what was taking so long... haha! had he been outside to see the snow that they had to remove???

While they were outside doing that Emma and the dogs and I were going stir crazy! My little southern girl is obsessed with her bows. When we were upstairs she had about 5 in her hair... This is how she looked when we made it downstairs to the camera:)

She refused to take her thumb out of her mouth and found it funny! Proof that we do get out of our PJs:)!!

What do you do when you haven't left the house in a week..... MAKE A MESS!
We are used to it because we just went a few months of not leaving the house because it was SOOO hot and now we are not leaving because of the opposite! Come spring this little girl is going to be like a caged animal and NEVER want to come back inside!!

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