Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Years!

What a year it has been! It has had its great moments and not great moments, very happy times and some very sad times... In the end the best part of the year has been watching Emma grow and become a toddler from a baby and knowing that she will soon be a big sister in the new year!

Here is a review of our year in pictures (those that know me know that I love to take pictures and I have only a several thousand pictures from the year so this was a hard task !!!)....

This was Last New Years Eve! Where have our Babies gone????

This year for New Years!
Looko how my baby girl has grown!!!

What is this for Daddy????

I know there is something out there??? She NEVER did crawl out!

Playing with Guinness's toys

What are you doing back there????

My Birthday Shirt

How Mommy and Daddy prepared for the BIG SC blizzard!

I thought we were in SC.... WHAT IS THIS STUFF DOING OUT THERE????

An attempt to get a picture of Emma and Kate at Kate's 1st birthday party!

1st Beach trip! Emma and I went to Marco Island Florida to see Mema and Papa! The weather was not as nice as I would have liked but it was great being able to get back down there! I just Love it there!

This year at my parents we got to meet a very sweet little girl. Her name is Ava and her mommy and I were roomates in college.

Birthday Chair from Mema and Papa

Mema and Emma at Furman

Emma's 1st surprise party! We went home for a night and My sister and the kids gave Emma a Surprise birthday party to cheer us up!

Alex found the way to her heart.... Give her your cell phone!

Although this year brought MANY happy times it also brought some very sad times! Emma's Pap-pap passed away very unexpectedly. She may not have her own memories of him but she will feel as though she knows him through the stories she hears and the memories that her daddy has of her amazing Pap-pap!

Excited about a birthday present from my coworkers at CCES

Tried to get a cute Easter picture.... The grass was dead and driving her nuts and the sun was bright and hurting her eyes... oh well:)

My new Swing and slide from Grandma and Pap-Pap

Uncle Bill showing Daddy how to put together my sandbox from Mema and Papa

My Knee walker. She walked on her knees for several months before walking on her feet:)

Emma's First Birthday Party in SC.
This cake was made by my VERY talented friend Katy! I LOVED IT!!!

A Year later.... trying to get a picture of Emma and Kate. As you can see Emma wants NOTHING to do with it! haha!

Time to baby proof!

TRYING to keep up with Lael

Enjoying a HOT spring day!

Having Snack with Jack

Checking out the "Happy Cows"! We will miss the Yummy milk!

At Lael's 1st birthday

Lael giving Kisses!

Would post all the pictures because we had the MOST amazing photographer and I LOVED all of them but you can go here if you want to see all of them:)

Wonders why she can't go outside.... It is TOOO hot!!

My Stylin little girl:)

Balloon Fest from my parents house. Emma missed the balloons because she was in bed by the time they go up but hopefully this year she will be able to stay up to see them. Her brother will miss them this year because he will be in bed!

Just Playin in the rain!

Skaneateles in the Summer!

The News is out:)

4th of July in Erie. Getting to see Great Grandma Emma too!

Playing with Mackenzie

We are hoping to have NO more nasty bites like these! All those crazy southern spiders and bugs liked my SWEET baby girl!!!

Quiet time was often a short rest time too!

We go crazy in the Car!

Our little Beach Bum!

It's a Boy! William Allen West!

Our bag lady!

Our little going away party! We will miss and already do miss all of our friends!

Some fall photos

A day at Furman! Maybe one day Emma will go to this gorgeous school (on a scholarship!!!)

Finally cool enough to get outside and play! She forgot all about this and the sandbox because we had not used them in months it was so hot!

Helping mommy pack... haha

SC pumpkin Patch

One of the MANY weird sleeping positions!

Emma REALLY bonded with Scout while daddy was away!

Emma and her BFF Kate!

The Movers!

Our FIRST home as a family! It was perfect and we will miss all the memories we have from there!

Saying goodbye to her room. I miss that room! I LOVED it!

At the pumpkin patch in NY

A GORGEOUS fall day in NY!

Spending quality time in the hotel ...


OUR new home!!!

Loving her new playroom!

Meeting new friends in NY at the Open Gym

LOVE LOVE LOVE my Turkey dress from Grandma!!!

Wearing our Christmas Pj's after Thanksgiving dinner with all the cousins.

Picking out our first tree from the Evergreen Mart!!

Scout is smelling the tree

Decorating the Trees

Our Tree decorating drink! Maybe next year Emma will be awake to help and have some:)!

Emma's First gift from Santa.... and She is heading Butting the baby... Should we be worried???

The SNOWIEST December in Syracuse!
Of course the year we move:)

Skaneateles, NY

Christmas Time!

New Years Eve was a bit different this year.... Usually we have a party and last year we were suppose to do the party from 4-8ish because we all had kids and then they could get to bed at a decent time. We had to cancel last minute last year because Emma was sick. This year are in our new home in Syracuse. I thought about doing an early New Years party but my entertaining days are over for a few months! So instead The Goode's came down and we had steaks and played the wii and kids were in bed at a decent time and moms and dads are not far behind:)


I hope you all had a wonderful NYE and have a wonderful New year! We are looking forward to this coming year and the changes that will be happening in our family in 28 days! We are hoping for a year of health and happiness for all our family and friends!

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