Monday, September 23, 2013

We are still living...

My goal is to update this more!  I have hit a slump for sure!  I sit down and then think of a million other things to do!  So here is MAJOR catch up... miht have to be in a few posts... because we have such an exciting life here:)

A trip the apple orchard:
The kids were so excited to go to Beak & Skiff.  Liam was just excited because Emma was but Emma knew where she was going and could not wait!  They made so many improvements and additions this year it was great!  Of course we have been a few times since this visit!  Perfect thing to do on a "fall" day!! 

 Beautiful Day to Apple Pick
Liam was VERY VERY excited about seeing the tractors.  He is 150% boy!!  Tractors, trucks and firetrucks and this boy would be in heaven!

 In the new Kiddie Place! It is so much fun and perfect for the kids!!


Sibling Love... haha Got to capture it when it is there!!!
 He adores his sister!  He may drive her nuts but he LOVES her and copies everything that she does!
 LOVE LOVE LOVE these two!
 We were the only ones on the tractor;)  The next weekend we went we ended up waiting 25 minutes to get on the tractor! 


Was the perfect day with the perfect company!