Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Big Milestone!

This was Emma about a week ago.... almost there...


I haven't conquered what to do when my arm is in the way.....

Trying to suck her thumb.

Busy day...

Watch later for another special blog entry
(we need daddy to help with this one!)

Today we did some shopping or returning I should say to some places and then we came home and I was going to have Emma take a nap in the swing and watch Baby Einstein so I could be in her room packing.
Well she was not sleeping in the swing so we tried the bouncy seat... nope,
tried the pack n play... nope, tried the bassinet (which she doesn't really fit in anymore... nope,
my arms and then I can put her someplace... nope, her crib... out like a light for 3 hours!
So needless to say there was not a lot of packing that got done. I figure what we forget Kim will have or Mema and Emma will just have to go do a little shopping ;)

Mommy was afraid I was losing my red hair and blue eyes... I think she is crazy??? What do you think???? We have had several people ask me in the last few days where do you get that read hair???

I love sticking my tongue out just as mommy decides to take my picture!

Too funny!

Ok, I will stop with the tongue if you stop with the pictures!

Sweet baby~

This is my friend Kate! We had a SURPRISE pop-in visit with her and Mommy and I LOVED it! She is the best (well tied with me) baby!! All she does when she is here is sleep and smile! Here she is trying to teach me how to play while laying on your belly. All I can focus on so far is holding my head up!

What is a blog entry without pictures of my CRAZY dogs!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Some missed photos...

Some pictures that I just realized I never posted....

Cousin Alex and Emma

Night night time!

Flying Noah...

Stylin' Noah...

Sleepy Noah...

Silly Noah...

Lovable Noah....

Stretching Noah...

We can't wait to see Noah again in 3 or 4 days depending when we leave SC for PA.


Well we are jumping (not really because Jeff can't do that for 4 months) for joy today! Our great orthopedic has given Jeff the go ahead to have a boot burning party! We are bootless here in Greenville, SC! It will make our drive up north be much more comfortable! I did not get any pictures today but will get some tomorrow of the 'New' guy!!

Emma had an unexpected playdate. Our friend Amy had to drop her off this afternoon for a few hours so when she woke up from her nap she was pleasantly surprised to see me standing over her crib with Kate in my arms. She just smiled at her. I will post some pictures tomorrow... sorry this is a pictureless post!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I am so proud to say that today is my parents 40th wedding anniversary! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful marriage to look up too! I am sad that we will not be there to celebrate with them tonight at the Brewster Inn but we will be there in one week and I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Emma wanted to send them a SPECIAL message: There are several shots because it was very amusing try to get her to sit without trying to eat or crinkle the message!!!

Seriously mom???? Are we done yet???

And a VERY special message from..........

Sabol and Guinness or as Papa calls her Molson!

Just an extra..... First notice my Daddy doesn't have a boot on!!! Yipppeeee!!!! and 2nd he is changing my diaper! Also notice Guinness and Sabol making sure he does it the right way!!!

I am not crying so he must be doing a good job:)


A little delay! sorry

Sorry about not posting for two days! I am not sure what we were doing!! Yesterday we had the guys that Jeff works with over for a cookout because we can not THANK them enough for all the did for us over the last 3-4 months. They were so wonderful when I was in and out of the hospital and then when we finally had Emma. They have also helped him so much and been VERY understanding with everything that he has been going through (on a side note- LESS THEN 24 hours and he will BE BOOTLESS!!!!!). Anyways, we had them over and I was a bit nervous about Emma because she has had some bad moments the last few days but she was great. I had her take a nap at 3:30- was hoping for 40-60 minuts and she slept until 5. She ate and went back down at 6 for the night!! we only heard from her a few times for the paci but overall she was GREAT!!!

Now all the fun begins for packing! We leave either Weds or Thurs for PA and then NY! I can't wait to see family and get out of the heat!!! I am not a southern girl in the summer(if we lived by the beach it would be MUCH different:) ). Emma is very excited because she heard me talking to Aunt Kim and that she was giving us 10+ boxes of clothes!!! A girl has to LOVE her clothes!!! Eric is just as excited to pass the boxes on to Jeff!
The BEST part of the whole trip is that Emma finally gets to meet her Great Grandma Emma! I think we will have to pry little E out of her hands when we have to leave. We are so excited that Emma will have now met both of her Great-Grandma's!

There will be one more Special Blog Entry coming a little later today (when Emma wakes up) so stop back by!

Because I took two days off we have a few pictures to share:) Enjoy!

Dr. Butcher says I am big enough to be in the Bumbo.... I am not so sure mom!! This is hard work!

Giggling at Guinness

The more serious shot for the 3 month photo!

Sporting my "hippie" shirt from Uncle Bill:)

This is how long I am at 3 months! Luckily Aunt Haley and Uncle Craig gave me this blanket. I love it and all my monthly pictures are on it so you can see how big I am getting!

Getting a photo with mommy:

Just like her daddy! Shuts her eyes for the photo!

Guinness is getting more protective of Emma. Emma was sleeping in her crib, if we leave the door open this is where you will find Guard Dog Guinness.

Come back for another entry later today!!! I am sleeping and can't get it on here until I wake up:)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not So Happy 3 Month Birthday!

Today started out great! Emma woke up at 6 and ate her 5oz and went right back to bed and then it all went down hill! She woke up screaming, went back to sleep, woke up screaming.... getting the cycle there??? Our friend Kate came over again while Amy had to go to class. Luckily Kate was a SUPER baby and ate and then slept the whole time because after Kate ate Emma decided she was not going to have a good day. The whole day she has been really cranky, very tired but will only sleep for 20-30 minute periods and will only eat 1-2oz at a time. When I was trying to get her to eat this afternoon, I noticed some funky stuff in her ear. It looked like it could have possibly been draining! I am going to say a little prayer for her tonight that she does not have her Mom's ears! That would just plain stink for her! We will see what the night is like and then call our WONDERFUL Dr. Butcher tomorrow if needed.. She has been asleep for over an hour so fingers are crossed!!!

This is a picture of Emma and Kate today. Kate just wanted to be in the bouncy seat with Emma so bad! They are so cute with each other!

These were from yesterday:
Taking dinner up to Katy and John... Emma did not want to wake up yesterday!!!

Showing us how happy she is after a nice long nap! After she gets unwrapped she just stretches and stretches with a well rested BIG smile!!! So cute- I missed that smile today!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Not so wordless of a Wednesday!

OK, so for those of you that know me well you know that I am never 'wordless'. Well I tried to do a Wordless Wednesday (the post below- I started off on the right foot) but there are somethings that are just to priceless to not share and they need words!....
So you might wonder what happens when you have....

This sweet and innocent 4 yr old boy...

"The sisters" or PigPen and Piglet as Aidan calls them (14 month old twins)

So what happens when you have these 3 precious kids and you try to get them in here...

This ends up in your car with POOR HADLEY!!!

This is what happened to Kim today and I have not stopped laughing about it all day!!!

We also finally got up to see our friend Katy and her sweet baby Jack. Emma and Jack decided they both wanted to eat while we were there. Emma then started fussing because she wanted to go back to sleep so that ended our visit early. Next visit we will get pictures of these two cuties! We are hoping that Katy gets the go ahead to start walking tomorrow so she can join us in the mornings!