Monday, December 31, 2012

Wrapping up 2012

2012 was another fun filled year with Emma and Liam! Emma has learned so much and has developed so much over this past year!  She amazes me daily with things that she says... I often wonder where did she learn that!!!  Luckily all good things;)  Liam well he went from a wobbling one year to a full blown toddler!!!  In a good way ;) He is very very active and must have very strong bones with the way he jumps and falls off of things:)  We are looking forward to another great year and MANY MANY more memories being made!!!  Happy New Year. 

Some of the favorite things from this year!!

 Cousin Ava came for a visit!!!
The kids had to show her around Papa's store!!!

Spring and Summer brought lots of outside time, fun at the park with friends, water time and LOTS of swimming!!

 Summer would not be complete without several trips to Skaneateles as well!

 This summer we got to crash Kim and Eric's Family vacation with a day trip to Old Forge in the Adirondacks.  Everything about it was gorgeous!  The weather, the lake the mountain and the great memories! 

Time for a BIG girl bed!!

Loved the many trips to the Apple Orchard and Pumpkin farms

Someone started preschool!!
and The Pumpkin Farm:)!

Thanksgiving with the Cousins

The Joy of Christmas!


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow!!!

I spy DADDY!!!!
The snow may get old come March, April and May but in December it is GORGEOUS!  I just love seeing all the trees with snow on them and watching the snow fall.  As a kid I remember a few years without snow and on Christmas morning my mom would shut the shades because it couldn't be Christmas without snow!  I am so happy that so far Emma and Liam have been able to experience the extra magic snow brings to Christmas morning and the Christmas season!
We didn't have snow until the 22nd it started to snow and once it started... well it really hasn't stopped.  We got about 14-16 inches in one night and it just keeps snowing on and off!!
The kids have enjoyed it!  Liam has trouble moving around because it is so deep but Emma has no trouble at all!

Looking up to see when the storm is coming... They say 12+ inches will they be right????


It was VERY windy and Liam did not like that!  He wanted to be outside so bad but couldn't take the wind... and he was sick!

This snow bunny could handle the wind and the snow!!!!

 Trying to make a snow angel like his sister:)

LOVING it!!!
 Liam trying to catch up to Emma... not so easy!!

 Rosey cheeks and noses and time to play with the train! 
 In Style of Course (re: Emma's sunglasses!  All cool people wear sunglasses inside:)!!)


Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Part II at Papa and Mema's

After opening gifts at home and playing with the toys we headed over papa and Mema's to see what Santa brought to their house!
He has the hang of it now!!

Just what she wanted!!!!

Making sure her brother doesn't get too close to HER horsey!!
My little Model!

Now she can check all her animals!  Future Vet!

Aidan reading a letter from Mema and Papa... the last present was a suitcase....  We are heading to FLORIDA!!!!  Emma keeps asking when we are going on a plane to Mema's beach!!!

Aidan wished on a star a few weeks ago to finding tickets to florida... his wish came true!!!

What a wonderful day it was!  After naps (for my kids) everyone came over here for dinner.  I think I ate more in 24hours then I have in a month!  Gotta love the holidays!  January 1st it is back on track.  I figure I need to give myself time to eat the leftovers:) 
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and has a very HAPPY and HEALTHY New Year!