Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just for fun:)

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Be Sure to look at the following post there are more photos:) I took over 400 pictures and narrowed them down to about 200! I am obsessed I know!! Enjoy! They started in order in the last entry and are now all out of order.... was taking too much time! I can't wait to be back home in July- Imagine the number of pictures I will have then!

The best I could do to get them both 'looking'

Kim are you gardening???? Are the plants still alive?
Aidan can tell you what every plant is in their yard. He will take anyone on a graden tour if you would like one! He should start charging!

My friend Heather and I. We worked at Southside Academy together... What an experience that was! Zoe was born in February and was tired of pictures and wanted to go to bed!

Emma and her friend Zoe.. Emma decided to fall over on her.

Zoe is getting ready to fight

"Aunt" Mary Anne, she was the best napping place! I thought about bringing her back with us! Emma slept for about 2 hours on her!

Aidan please tell her to STOP!!!!

E: Ok, If I stop crying will she stop??????
A: NOPE!!!

Aidans BIG idea...."Let's go in the blue room so I can hold Emma!

Emma is suppose to be napping... As you can see that was not happening!

Mommy and Me

Not sure who liked the swing more.... The Girls or Emma...

Hadley Posing for the camera

UTTTOHHH.... she moves!

Aunt Margie's visit with the kids!

Aidan kept asking to hold Emma! I hope he loves her this much in July! He can be the babysitter:)

The newest Employee of The Evergreen Mart

Papa finally held Emma 1/2 hour before she left!

We had to cover Aidan up fr this photo. He just laid next to her on the floor before bath time and was doing what she did. It was so cute.

Trip to Syracuse photos

Ok, I am not going to recap the week in words because there was so much that happened and was said by Aidan that was hilarious! I loved being home and seeing everyone, especially Aidan, Hadley and Delaney and having them meet Emma. I took A LOT of pictures so I am trying to narrow them down to just a few.... We will see if that will happen....

My last nap with daddy until Friday :(

checking out the sites at JFK

Hanging with Mema and Papa late night before the big SURPRISE!

On our way to Kims in D's car seat that Kim did not see missing! Mission Accomplished

Aidan just loved Emma! Her first of MANY kisses from him

As soon as Aidan saw her shirt he went and grabbed his book... This photo captures the moment and the love they have for eachother! Aidan adored him and she saw him!

This was Emma's first trip to Burnet Park Zoo- She enjoyed it can't you tell!

Mema and Aidan looking for the bear.

Loved this picture

The sisters loved Emma as well. They got excited when they saw she moved and made noise!

They loved the swing too!!!!

Pretty girls!

Kim and her clan

Another one.... but then he gagged and said her head smells!

Her smile looking at Aidan!

Lots of holding time for E