Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas at Mema and Papa's

After we had our "little family" Christmas we headed over to my parents to open presents with my sister and her family (not so little:)).
attempt to get a picture with Emma... NOT easy these days!

She is a pro at unwrapping now!

Hadley checking to see what Emma got

Hadley LOVES her babies and now she has a crib! I know she will want to be around the baby all the time once he is born...

Delaney and her crib

Aidan getting into his presents...

She now has her own Fur Real! The dogs are not so sure about this white mouse running around our house but she LOVES it:)

Helping Mema unwrap

All three girls checking out what was in the small box.
They already know good things come in small packages:)

Look how BIG my BABY has gotten:( She has gone through a growth spurt in the last few weeks. It makes me sad how big she has gotten!

Checking out her stocking....

Not too thrilled

UNTIL.... She found cookies!

An attempt for a family photo...

trying to get Lilly away from her face. It is all about memories and that is what our life is right now... thumb in mouth and Lilly in front of face:)

We had a nice Christmas starting memories in our new home. Although Emma was not that into this year hopefully some traditions have started and new ones will be added next year with a new member of the family!

The best gift was waking up in "our" house to celebrate and for each of us to be healthy. I can only hope for the same next year!


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