Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Baby Update!

Today I had an ultra sound and all looked GREAT! The baby is right where he should be. I feel so blessed this pregnancy to not be having ANY issues! I guess with all I went through with Emma I deserved to have one problem-free pregnancy. He was weighing in at 4lbs 11oz! That is almost Emma's birth weight. Which makes sense because she was born about 1.5-2 weeks from now!
The sonogram showed the baby measuring a week ahead (very different from Emma's 2+ weeks behind) and my stomach is measuring a week behind:) I sure don't feel that way but when I look at pictures from being pregnant with Emma I do feel a "little" smaller.

Like his sister he wanted NOTHING to do with getting his picture taken so what we have is pretty fuzzy.

Emma is REALLY enjoying all the baby things that are out and about in our house! The Bumboo is her favorite seat to sit in, the infant carseat is her favorite toy to put scout into and now the play mat is like a jungle gym!!! The stroller is where she sits and watches baby einstein in the playroom because there is no furniture down there! It should be interesting when there is SOMEONE else using this equipment!

Last but not least a name has been decided! Now we just have to decide what he will be called:) Hopefully there is a decision by the 28th of January or at least by the time we can come home from the hospital!


Jillian said...

YAY for a great appointment!!

Roseanne Rockwell said...

Congratulations on happy news. The little guy looks beautiful. I miss those exciting ultra sound days and carrying the babies in my belly! Enjoy:)