Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tree is up!

It is not decorated but it is up. We wanted to give the dogs and Emma sometime to get used to it before the decorations go on.
Emma and Scout Smelling the tree.... MMMMMMM she says!

Playing with her Fischer Price Three Wise Men set...

This was her Christmas Dress from last year... WOW has she grown:(!!!!

More baby things

Emma is really enjoying that all this stuff is out to play with!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Been busy

I think I am more busy now then I was when I was teaching last year! I feel like I had more time to update last year!!
Today I had an appointment so I thought for the baby.... well after sitting there for a few minutes they called me up to tell me it was tomorrow but that they would fit me in because it was a "quick" appointment.....
I was concerned about my fluid levels so we ended up having a sonogram to check on that. The little guy was quite active for it and the fluid levels were good. She is going to do another sonogram in 2 weeks just to make sure that we are still good to go! I can't believe that he will be here in less then 2 months!!!! It has gone by so fast! This pregnancy has been VERY VERY different!
- first I feel him move and see him move ALL the time. Emma I felt maybe 6-10 times!
- the heartburn is twice as bad!
- I am having no trouble sleeping, which I did with Emma. That could be because I was on bedrest and slept in the day!
- my bloodpressure is lower then it was prior to being pregnant! With Emma.... Well we know that it was SKY HIGH!!!!

Those are just a few things that are very much different this time around. I just hope this little guys sleeps like his sister!!! We will have to have Emma train him! We have the sound machine ready!!

here are just 2 pictures.... I have a video to upload tomorrow (it is taking forever and I am going to go to bed!

Waiting for her cousins to come over for Pizza!

Emma's plate to leave cookies for Santa and his reindeer

SOOOOO happy daddy is home!! Emma spent most of the day with her daddy on Saturday but was still sleeping when he left on Sunday to go to a Bills game and was sleeping when he got home (so was I!!!) and was still sleeping when he left this AM so she was more than ready to see him tonight!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Our Card:)

Peppermint Pink Christmas Card
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Friday, November 26, 2010

EXCITING Black Friday!!

We had such an exciting Black Friday shopping trip:)
We went to Babies -r-Us and got a humidifier 50%!!! That was our big outing!!! We went for a video monitor too because I want another monitor for the baby because I am not ready to have Emma Monitor free yet! It was on sale so Ithought why not get it now. Then I realized there was only "one monitor for it. I want to have one upstairs and one downstairs so I don't have to travel around with it. So instead we walked out with 2 humidifiers (one for my sister and one for Emma) and two outfits for the baby (they were on sale and 50% off).

After that we went to Papa's store to pick out our Christmas tree! It was a bit different from the last 3 years. Those years we were going to pick out trees in 70 degree weather (not very Christmas like).... Today we went in a WINDY 35 degree weather.... it was missing the snow but we agreed our bodies have not yet adjusted back to the COLD weather!!! Emma had so much fun running around the store! Of course she was outside!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today we got the baby's room painted! Well not we but Jeff while Emma and I went to visit Mema and Papa and get some of our things that were still there from the move. I am so happy to have the two baby rooms painted. Now just get everything up in Emma's room and I will feel like something has been accomplished:) We also ordered the crib for this "little" guy. So he will have somewhere to sleep! Slowly we are beginning to get ready for his arrival:)

After a good afternoon nap (Emma not me!) We went to my Aunts for Thanksgiving Dinner. That had its ups and downs as you can imagine with our "sweet" 20 month old:) In the end she did very good but we had a bit of a meltdown at 5:30 but she has usually already had dinner and getting ready for bed so I think she was off and overwhelmed with the number of people.
Here are some photos of her and her cousins.


Emma and Claire!

Girl Time:)

Christmas Jammie Time!!

Her New Puppy Frenchy from her Aunt Kathy and Uncle Dick!

The Girls showing their New Puppies!

Claire was so great with Emma! If only Emma would have gone off with her for the evening:)

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a wonderful day!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hope this doesn't cause trouble later on!

Hopefully Emma and scout don't mind sharing in 67 days when we come home with the little guy!