Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Getting too big!

This girl has the best of faces! She is very dramatic with her faces!  I can't believe that she is coming to the end of her first school year!  Next year she will go 3 days a week and then it is full day kindergarten.  BLAH.  Our district went to full day this year and I was really hoping they would stick with the 1/2 day for a few more years!!  I am not a fan of full day!

My Buddy is just SO funny Mommy!!  (that would be Liam)
I will have to do her end of the year photo soon to see how much she has grown!!
Smelling all of daddy's flowers!  When we moved in there was NOTHING in the back yard.  It was a blank slate of just grass!  Looks so much better now that there are plants and flowers!  I love it!!!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Parade #2

Today Kim and all the kids and I decided to attempt one of the other local parades. We had never been and heard it is crowded so we were a little worried about where to park but that was easy and we had so much fun!!! The kids loved it. Emma said it was too loud and she liked the smaller parade better but maybe next year she will LOVE it:) Bring on the 4th of July parades next:) We are in summer mode even if it feels like fall!!
This was before it got crowded

This little guy has his signature cough and we only got a few dirty looks

Love this "little" girl!
Aidan truly is the worlds best older cousin!  He is so good with Emma and Liam!!!  He lets Liam get away with murder- which is not ok but Liam thinks it is great!  He has always been so great with Emma!!  Although when he first met her at 5/6 weeks he kept saying her head smelled.... poor Emma:)
Boys will be Boys!
Looks like they were loving each other....
 This is how Liam really feels!

He was ok being in the same picture frame though!

SARGE!!!  He came all the way to Camillus from Radiator Springs!!!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Parade

Getting ready for a CHILLY Memorial Day parade!

The best I got of the cousins:)  Liam was more interested in all the cars that were driving by!

Glad we had the warm fleece blankets from grandma!!
Love this picture!!  Maybe one of these years we will get Ava and Luke here for "The Ville" Memorial Day Parade!! The kids were so happy that Papa could come this year!!  Papa was just as happy... haha!

Delaney, Hadley and Aidan! 

Almost time Buddy!!

The Girls! 

Happy Memorial Day!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Hodge Podge of things and pictures....

This boy can be so sweet....

Looking so BIG!!!!

He can be so Daring....
 Oh Liam!  Apparently it is a better view from the top of the couch!

AND.... He can be MESSY!!!

These two are the best of friends and the worst of enemies within seconds:)

This one cracks me up!  A BUG!!!

The best I got!!

I give up:)
Reading some BIG books!!
It is not CNY without having a frost in May!  Daddy taking care of his little ones:)
Lucky me got to have surgery again!  4th one in 18 months!  Hoping and praying I DO NOT need it again this year!  I will have a scan in a few months and that will determine if I will need it again...
This is the worst part but I have had the same girl do the IV the last two times and she is AMAZING!!  I didn't even feel it!

A little trip to see daddy while he was working on the weekend.  We got some new flowers for our house at The Evergreen Mart!

 These two LOVE this little girl!!!  They are going to be so sad when the end of June comes and her mommy and daddy are home for the summer!  I think we will have to schedule some playdates to cure our withdrawl!!!


The other night we got hit with a storm.  I had just left the house and came back to no power and a mess in along the way home.  There were lots of down trees and powerlines.  Luckily our house was not hit but it was sad to see all the house that were.  It was nothing compared to what is happening in other parts of the country but our "little" storm was scary for the kids!  I can't imagine what the kids in Oklahoma were/are feeling!!!

Enjoying some time with no "tricity"... luckily the ipad was charged:)

I didn't think about getting pictures of the sky until it was too late but thought this one looked pretty neat!  Mother Nature is something else...  80's, storms and snow all in one week;) 

Hopefully she ends playing games soon and brings on summer so these kids can get swimming!!!