Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our New Home!

Minnie Mouse Heading out the door to go play with the Goode's,
while Mommy and daddy go to check out our new HOME!

Our HOME!!!!!

When you first walk in

Backyard... We need to fence it in

the NEW home for the Keurig!! Perfect spot!!


"Eat-in" kitchen area, sliding doors go to backyard

Family Room

Living Room

Dining Room

BASEMENT!!! I am SOOOO Happy about this!!!

There is also an office in the basement as well

Baby West Room

Emma's Room

Master Bedroom

Emma and Little Bugs bathroom

There are obviously little things that we want to throughout the house for the most part it was move in ready and the changes can be made as time goes by. We are so excited to get moved in and get settled before the new baby arrives! It will be here before we know it!!!!


Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Parade

Today we went to see Aidan's AM kindergarten Parade. We were also going to go to Tecumseh too but we decided to skip it because it was raining and was going to be inside.

When we turned around from taking Aidan's class picture we saw D climbing the bleachers, Emma with her shoe off and chewing on it and Hadley posing and waiting for her picture to be taken!

Finally cracking a smile! He was VERY serious!!!
As a 1st grade teacher I know the talk that they got before the parade and Aidan took it very serious! NO GOOFING AROUND!!!

Emma LOVES Aunt Kims Arts and Crafts drawer and especially loves the tin of crayons.
She goes right to the drawer as soon as she walks in the door.

When we got home they were sharing so nicely that I had to get a picture.... It didn't last the whole time but it was so sweet while it lasted!!

Our night has gone like this....
6PM- Emma is in bed and asleep(went to bed at 5:45)
6:30- dinner finished
7PM- I think Jeff will be asleep after working from 7Am-2:30AM and back at 7:30AM!

It didn't help that Emma was awake WICKED early today!!! She woke up at 5:00 screaming (TEETH PLEASE FINISH COMING!!! THEY ARE ALMOST THERE!!!!). She has been sleeping great but waking up very early. I think it is because she wakes up in the pack n play and just can't put herself back to sleep, uncomfortable, scared.... She usually makes it to 6:15 though! Today was MUCH too early! With waking up early she took a bad nap so I know we had to pull a DR. W and get to bed early so we would have a good night sleep and get back "on track". I am VERY excited for her to sleep in a crib on Wednesday! I am hoping the transition to the new room will be as smooth as all the other transitions have been!!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We were dressed for bed!!

On our way to bed Emma decided to take her pjs off!

Poor Guinness!

Emma plays or tortures her poor doggy!  She also loves readingto her!  Not the best of pictures because they are from my phone. 

Today I was going to go down the street to take some pictures at a house that looked gorgeous!  It had the most beautiful leaves scattered all over hue yard and the trees still looked so full.  I of course thought photo opp...  I have been thinking this for a week and a half now!   Today when driving buy they were.mowing:(  all the leaves were chopped up:(  I was so hummed!  There is always next year with Emma and her brother!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A little of this and a little of that...

These are photos that I have finally uploaded from the last few days....

Guinness is checking out what is going on outside and Emma wants to know why she has a puffy vest on??? It was 80 something the other day at home????!!!!

Some "hotel" Living...

We finally went and got Hadley and Delaney their Birthday gifts.... Yes their birthday was in April!! I am the BAD BAD aunt!! Emma loved having 3 "Scouts" spend the night:)

As soon as she got up this AM she wanted to put on her Minnie Mouse dress! She came and got me, grabbed my hand and walked me over to it. I think this girl is going to like to play dress up in another year or so...


Coloring with Guinness and daddy
(those are the new Vera Bradley bags too:) Two of the three new ones I got before leaving SC)



We hope that you had a WONDERFUL 1st Birthday! We wish that we could have been there to celebrate with you!!

I tried to get Emma to take a picture with you "card" but Ema would rather run away with it!!! Sorry:)

Pre-trick or treating

Today we went over to Mema and Papa's to go trick or treating. They will be in Marco Island for the fun day so we went and got our treats early and had dinner. That will be The extent of Emma's trick or treating. We may head over to Aunt Kims so she can see a trick or treater or two before bed but no going on out on the town for this little one:) It will be past "OUR" bed time! I have been laying down soon after she goes to bed:)

Getting ready to go!

Not so sure about this thing on my head!!

Mommy why aren't you coming???

Are you sure it is ok????

OHHHH!! It is just Mema and Papa!

Lilly wants candy too!!

Officially climbing on EVERYTHING!

Bubble time!

Anyone want a diet coke?


The Princess and The Frogs have arrived!

The Cutest Little Guy I know....
Although he is not so little anymore!!
Aidan was a Red eye tree frog... How many 5 year olds do you know that want to be that for Halloween??? His sister had to be just like him!

Hadley playing with our old barbies