Saturday, February 23, 2013


Like this title after the summer fun one:) 
Well We have been fighting sickness here and Liam can not move in the snow so we changed it up and played in the snow inside ;)  (the idea is not mine!  Came from a friend) 
The kids loved it and it was much easier then spending 40 minutes getting them dressed to stay out for about 10!

In just a few days they will be playing in the sand!  AHHHH I can't wait!

Summer Fun!!

In the playroom.  After being sick for WEEKS and not leaving the house in over a week it was time to find something to do!!!  What else but break out the summer toys;)

They did this for about an hour+ with no fighting!  I can't say the same about the no fighting the following day;)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

2 year visit!

On Tuesday we FINALLY made it to our "healthy" 2 year visit.  This is after two failed attempts!

It was the worse possible time for Liam.  It was at 1:00 so right at naptime but he did good. he fell asleep on the way there because we had to go to their other office which was forever and a day away!  He only cried for his shot and having blood drawn for lead test.

His stats:
Head-72% I was surprised because he looks like he has a HUGE head... must be because he is super skinny

Weight- 25.5lbs: 18% (she gave him the .5oz but if we go with the 25lbs that normally shows up he is the 14%!!)
Height- 36.75 inches- 95% (I think he is a little shorter... closer to 35.75 but I will give him that extra inch!)

His predicted height as an adult is 6'2... we will see how accurate that is in 18years HAHA!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

One step at a time...

Bathroom makeover...

 In the process...

 The finished project... well almost:)

Party Time:)

Yesterday was PARTY DAY for this BIG 2 Year old! Still gets me every time I say he is 2!!  We did not have his 2 year appointment yet.  The Dr was sick on Tuesday so they cancelled and rescheduled for Friday.  The weather was NASTY on Friday AM and I was not comfortable going out in it just for a Healthy visit.... so Next week we have to trek out to their other office but it was either that or not go until April and I have some concerns I want to ask about... Nothing major but don't want to wait until April:)
Just woke up and happy to see his LOONS!!!

LOVE this BIG boy!!

The Cake and Cupcakes!
This is my first time making a cake.... ever;)  I don't think I have ever even made a rectangle/square cake and frosted it!!!  A little Facebook peer pressure to make it and not buy it;)  I had fun!

He LOVED his cake!!!

On Monday, his real birthday, we had cupcakes and he totally got the Birthday thing.  As soon as he saw the cake with candles he wanted the lights off!  and he was so happy looking at everyone singing to him!

Forgot I had the hat for Cake time:)  Oops!

Someone is going to be CRUISING around the driveway this summer!!! 
A new book from Brandon and Alex for his new bookshelf from Grandma:)
This little guy is going to be stylin on the beach in a few weeks:)  "The Chicks are going to Dig Him"!

THANK YOU DEREK and GAVIN (Carrie and Doug too:)

I love this lego set!  We have already had some fun this AM!  Of course we love the fire dog outfit and sesame book too!!

These trucks were being eyed at target by this birthday boy so they were and are going to be a big hit.  I think I know what Emma will be getting for her birthday:)

His Other Birthday Gifts from this week:)
We started out by putting together your bookshelf from grandma a little early:)
Helping daddy

He was too excited to pose for a picture!

New books from Grandma!!
Emma reading Spot to Liam!

We love the Playdoh tools and ALL the playdoh!   This will be hours of fun!!!

 A new Tractor!
That someone else has taken a liking to and taken over;)
New Thomas Trains!

Thank You MEMA and PAPA!!
He is ready to play some ball!

Daddy is only allowed to play sitting;)  No more torn achilles or basketball injuries for him!!
 This sweet girl did so good with her brother getting all the presents!  She was just as excited... If not more excited then him!!
 I think someone likes having a birthday!!!

 Look at this face!  He is just the cutest little guy!!!  And skinniest... That is all he ate of his cake and last night he ate nothing....  Maybe the reason I have never made a cake!  They don't really eat it and then I would eat the whole thing:)!
 HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!  I hope you had a great Birthday Week:)  You have enjoyed all your presents and attention when we ding to you!!!  Now we will see what you think about it being Emma's birthday next:)!!!