Monday, March 30, 2009

Wow!!! What a week it has been! Last Monday I went to the doctors and when they finally let me leave the doctors last words to me was "I am on Call on Weds and I will see you with your daughter.... " From Dr. Price He did not realize he would also be delivering her! I was admitted to the hospital at 1PM, they started to prepare me for the induction that started at 6:30 PM. On Tuesday afternoon as I slept through the inductions and talked through them they decided to stop the medicine and start all over. They maxed out the amount of pitocin they could give and decided to do a c-section at 2 on Wednesday. In a few hours I was hoping to be welcoming Emma Rose to the world.. A few hours turned out to be minutes and I was being wheeled down to the OR. Summing it up we saw Emma Rose West at 3:44 PM on March 25, 2009 for the first time, She was 19 inches and 5lbs, 5 oz... With a head full of of strawberry blonde hair according to Dr. Price and all the nurses. I don't remember much from then on- Morphine is quite a pain killer and blocks the memory!!!
Since Coming into the world Emma has been a fighter with some ups and downs. I was told she was 34weeks making her 6 weeks early. Her temp dropped and was in the isolette for a few days. We conquered that and then the BiliRubin was high so she went under the dreaded blue lights. Today she got to be a real baby with no lights!!!  I got to hold her for more than 20 minutes!!! Due to her being early she hasn't developed her sucking skills- therefore struggles to eat. Due to all of this they had to put in an NG tube and that is how she has been eating the bulk of her food. Today at 8AM she decided enough was enough and she wanted to come home and meet Guinness and Sabol. She started to eat her food strictly by bottle!!! She is drinking between 20-30 CCs! Not too much but we will take what we can get!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Anxiously Awaiting her arrival...

Just want to get this up and running before Emma arrives. As we know she has caused some drama so I am sure her entry to the world will also be drama filled and unexpected. Having been in and out of the hospital twice now I am hoping the next time is when she decides to come into this world or the doctors decide to welcome her to the real world!