Wednesday, February 29, 2012

12 month "healthy" visit

Today was Liam's 12 month "healthy" visit.  It is safe to say he DOES NOT like the doctor office.  I would say it was a close race between getting his hair cut and the dr... I think the dr won because of the shots!  Actually the shots were the best part!
This was his sad pathetic face after his haircut

According to the dr he is 32 inches 90 something % (not sure I agree 100% with the measurement but has to be somewhat close) and he was 22 lbs which is the 30% or so, his head was the 77% (again I think)...It was hard to hear over the very vocal Liam:)

Learned how to climb yesterday!
 Tomorrow Liam is going for some testing and I can guarantee this will not be the smile I see while he is having it done!  Poor baby has had a rough week!!!
Hoping to see this smile after the testing is done because his crocodile tears are too much for me!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We have a BIG boy!!

We have a big boy now with a big boy haircut...  *tear tear*
I finally got Liam his big boy haircut... it was a scene for sure!  It was quite comical but the poor boy has no voice from all that crying:(  The girl that cut his hair was AMAZING!!!
Here are some photos to capture the moment... Next time the video camera might come;)
Shaggy before...
 GET ME OUT!!!!!
 MOMMY!!!!  What are you letting her do to me???

 For Real???
 His eyes are swollen from crying:(
 Big Sis was more into playing with the trains:)
 Get off of me lady!!
 Side look!!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Is it REALLY February???

I can't believe that it is February 22nd and we were outside playing and riding bikes....  I didn't have a coat on and really it was warm enough for the kids to just have fleeces on but we bundled up before I went outside.

Bubble time in February:)

watches EVERYTHING Emma does!


My Velcro baby!

Mommy can't go to far without that cute hand attached to the leg!

There is my boy... eating dirt what else would a boy be doing???

loving playing in the snow when it is 40 degrees out:)

 Of Course Mater is out with us!

Is anyone watching???

Hmmm should I try this rock or the snow??

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why do I have gray hair...

This is one reason (besides the genes)

Click here:)

Click Here

Sunday, February 19, 2012

We are still here!

We have been busy I guess....  Or may not that busy???
Jeff was away for a week and while he was away we all were sick and had the stomach bug.  He had it too while traveling for work.  I am sure they all loved having him in NH and spreading the bug around!!  Then Liam got an ear infection and I am thinking another version of the stomach bug.  We have been clear since Weds night so finger crossed that was it!!!!  I am also hoping that the mouth full of teeth that are moving come soon... the poor little guy is in pain.  It does not interrupt his sleep but when he is awake he is cranky... who wouldn't be with 6-8 teeth on their way!

here are some pictures from the past 2 weeks or so...

Open Gym Time

Emma and Ryan opening LIAM's Birthday git from Kate and Lincoln!

Liam says THANK YOU for thinking of him on his special day!!  Can't you see he enjoyed opening his gift:)

The crazy 1 year old!!
 They love playing in each others beds.  It allows me to put away clothes with out them destroying the room behind me:)

Got his surfing coat on and ready to go to Marco!

Practicing gymnastics

BIG boy sitting at the table watching the snow (which he has not seen much of this year!!)

LOVE tackle!
 Happy Valentine's Day:)
Birthday to Papa!

When he sees the camera he shuts his eyes.

This is how he sits!  Such wonderful manners!

She doesn't look too happy but she LOVED the skirt from Mema and papa for Valentine's day and she wore it around all day!

Someone is NOT a fan of playing in the snow...

 What is his problem???

 Today we had a birthday party for our friend Zoe and "Emma" decorated the wrapping paper for her present. We had fun doing that before the party. 

Closing his eyes again!

Looking good in his fleece from the Goode's for his birthday!

Liam is hoping for a "warm" sunny day for the St. Patrick's day parade

Liam was loving the party!!

Check out that drool!!!

Zoe's brother Alex.  Alex is just a couple months younger then Liam

 I promise Emma had fun!  All the pictures I have of her are blurry:(  I think her favorite part was the juice box though;)!!

Right after this she asked to go home....  Then when she woke up from her nap was saying her ear hurt....hmmmmm we will see what tomorrow brings!!