Sunday, March 31, 2013

A day at the beach

There is nothing better to me then sitting on the beach listening to the waves.  I love the ocean but the Gulf is so relaxing!  We got to enjoy one day at the beach on our vacation and the kids loved it... so did I.  I think daddy may have enjoyed it a little too;)  It was perfect for him... not too hot!!

Favorite part of the beach is seeing these guys jump and put on a show!  I could watch the dolphins all day!  Now when we read one of Liam's books that has a dolphin when we get to it he says at Beach!!  At Mema's beach!  At Papa's Beach!!!  JUMP!!!  

 Our little Shell girl!  She is still pretending she is at the beach and picking up shells!

 His eyes were so BLUE on the beach I could not get over it! 
 Princess taking a break~

This might be my favorite picture from the whole week!
We had a great time!  Sad to leave paradise and come back to cold and snow!!!  Come on Spring we are waiting!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A great night for a sunset

One of my most favorite things about the beach is the sunsets.  I just love them and was worried I wasn't going to get to see one.  I got to see one;) 
Mid fall as he gives up walking again:)


Chasing Mema

 We got a few of all of us that someone took but they are not blog worthy;)  You never know what you will get when a random stranger stops to take your picture!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Naples Childrens Museum

Sunday was going to be another chilly day so we headed up to Naples to the Golisano Children's Museum. I wish he would build one here!!! It was great and the kids (and adults!) loved it!!  I would have loved to have been at the beach but it was nice to go here!  We would have never have done it if the weather was your typical Marco Island weather!  If we go back down I think I would take a day away from the beach to do this again:)!
Pet Clinic was the first place we went... wasn't sure I was ever going to get her out!!

The Grocery Store was a hit... It was no Wegmans though;)

We have a future Chef!  He was too cute at the cafe!

#164 your order is ready!

We went all the way to SW Florida to make a snowman!
Hoping one day soon we will see real baby birds and wake to birds chirping... with the snow that is currently falling not sure when that will be... July???

Weather Report!

Oh Liam!  This position was a very Familiar one for you down in Florida!  You would be running away and then decide... I am done and want to be carried and would plop yourself down! 

Headed to check out some alligators at the alligator farm and some other animals too.  The horse/donkey was the hit:)