Sunday, December 19, 2010

And the name is...

First a little background on Emma's name:

Emma is named after her Great grandmother (Jeff's grandma). Her Middle name is Rose and that is My grandmother's middle name. So, both her first and middle name come from her Great- Grandmothers.
Emma- strong (HAHA!!! This is very true to her personality:)!!!)
Rose- beauty (which I also think is true... I might be bias)

This "little" bug that is growing VERY fast inside of me is going to be name William Allen. The background to that name:

William is my fathers name and Allen is a name that has been in Jeff's family. It is Jeff's middle name, his fathers middle name and his grandfathers middle name. So we have again decided to go with the "family" name.
We are going to call him Liam, which is a name that I have always liked. Liam is the Gaelic form of William. We went back and forth on whether to call him Will or Liam but I won the vote with Liam;) Jeff won with Emma... The next one I guess we will both have to agree on:)
William- Staunch protector
Allen- handsome

{we did not plan for both of them to have their middle names mean beauty/handsome:)! I may be in trouble with two storng personalities... we may have to change the name!!!}

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Katie said...

My new sons name is Liam! Everyone always comments on how they love it! Congratulations!