Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nothing new to report...


This weekend Emma and I just relaxed while Jeff was helping Jason tile the bathroom in their new house. I am still not too excited about them moving!! Although it is only 15 minutes or so away.... it is too far:(
Yesterday we went for a walk before it got to hot and then just relaxed inside while I organized some school stuff.
Today the three of us just lounged. Emma had some daddy time while I went grocery shopping. I think I go once a month and then am in complete shock when the total appears on the screen!

This week is going to be a LONG one! 5 whole days with my little ones! I forgot how active 1st graders were while I was out on maternity leave! They are a great bunch though! I am going to love this year! Next week will be a wonderful one after the full week, 3 day weekend and then Mema and Papa will be here so only 3 days at daycare for Miss Emma. I have had a few leads for at home care and really hoping that one will work out. Facebook really can be a wonderful thing:)

Well off to finish making dinner, do a little more school work and then off to bed... it is a school night! I am sure I will stay awake to watch big brother though and kick myself all day for staying up late!

Still not so sure about this...

Practicing rolling over with Daddy.... I will get it one of these days!!!!

Even Guinness has some lazy days....

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

one more thing

One more thing for Emma's 5 month post... we lowered her crib one setting. I can barely lean over and kiss her good night now. she was kick her legs up on the railing so we figured... Better safe than sorry!

And she is still fascinated by her hands!

5 months old!

What a BIG girl:)

What does our big 5 month old do??

  • You are between 13-14lbs (just weighed you today)
  • wears 0-3 and 3-6 months shirts and dresses...3-6 are still big and baggy but the 0-3 are just starting to get tight- to short if they button
  • Pants.... some 0-3months fit but most are still fall off the waist but they are too short on you too! Luckily Capri's are still "in"
  • Eats 6 oz bottles
  • Eats cereal 2 times a day and viggies two times a day(struggling with the eating though)
  • Normal day: up at 5:30, nap 7-8, 9-11, 1-3 or 4 and back to bed at 5:00
  • Love to talk like a Terradactyl
  • Is starting to become stranger aware and wanting mommy and daddy
  • You are not rolling over yet but get 1/2 way there(usually happens when you are watching a dog)
  • Love the exersaucer, not sure about the "Jumper" yet. Still a little too small
  • LOVES Baby Einstein
  • LOVES Lily Mae!
  • Needs paci to go to sleep and thumb the rest of the night

I can't believe how much Emma has grown and that she is 5 months! I miss spending my days with her and seeing her smile and watch her grow. I can't wait for the school year to be over and spend time with her again! It is only day 2 so I have many more days until then! Luckily my class is a good one!

I think I would rather look at my hands then at the camera

Seriously, Why does she always put this sheet of paper on me???

Is this what I am suppose to do with it???

Maybe if I don't move she will stop....

Just keep smiling :)

Last... 5 months = 5:00 bedtime! HAHA! No matter how hard I try she wants to go to bed at 5:00! I will take it though because it is where she is the happiest!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday at the Park

Today started with a visit from Grandma and Grandpa. They came with breakfast. Emma had an off AM today so right after she got up and ate she wanted to go back sleep so right before they came she went down for her 2nd nap and when she woke up and hour into she was not pleasant and went back down for a little snooze. She got up and was happy so she had some cereal and avocado and has seemed to enjoy that the last two days so hopefully it will continue for her! We then took Guinness and went to the park. It was nice to finally go again! When we got back we were all so tired we took a 2 hour nap! I had to wake Emma up at 4:15 so she would go to bed and like clockwork she was rubbing her eyes and ready for bed at 5:15! think I am going to be joining her after I get this finished. First 1/2 day with kids!

Taking a nap on her first trip to the park

Guinness in her favorite spot!

Guinness and Emma Enjoying the gorgeous day! Guinness can't wait for Emma to start chasing her!

This is the only somewhat decent picture of Emma and I. The rest will not be published. I guess all the worrying about the childcare last week in setting in because I look exhausted and feel exhausted!!!

Daddy's Girl


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Busy day so far....

So far we have had a busy day.... Well I have. Jeff is at work so Emma and I are at home. We are having some friends over later so trying to get Emma well rested so maybe (key word) she will stay up to see Kate. I doubt she will but we can try!

here are some pictures that I took this AM before we ran to the store. This is a cute dress that a coworker from Tecumseh sent me when Emma was born. She is almost fitting into it. It is still pretty big but she was in the carseat the whole time so nobody could tell. We are still wearing 0-3 pants and some 0-3 tops and then the 3-6 tops and dresses. The 0-3 pants are still too big on this skinny girl! They are just capri style. Luckily it is warm here for a while longer so it will work!

Mommy put me on the floor and I had to twist and turn to see my favorite Baby Einstein (number Nursery). As I was twisting something happened....

Then I pushed a little more...

And WOW!!! I can see the movie much better! I just am not sure what to do with my arm....
It kind of hurt laying like that! I will keep trying!

Friday, August 21, 2009

First day!

I had a good first day at school... minus having to take Emma to daycare! I met 14 out of 17 little friends. They were all so sweet and cute! It is going to be a great year with this group!

Things with Emma weren't any better so I talked to the teacher that was in the room when I picked her up so we will see how things go on Monday! That is what is going to make the year long! I sent an email to my whole school community and to some of my former parents to see if they knew of anyone or anyplace that would be better. We will just keep praying that something works out! We got home at 1 and she has been asleep since. I will let her sleep until 4:30 and then hope that she will eat some cereal for me because she has not been enjoying her cereal anymore and did not eat much at daycare today. I do not think that she is liking the different person feeding her each time she eats. The teacher that we like is no longer there so I am bummed about that... we will have to see what happens... time will tell!

Ok.... Dinner time happened before I got the post uploaded with pictures... We ate some cereal... not a lot but we also had carrots with it and she seemed enjoy them. Maybe it was because I had baby Einstein on and every time she smiled I shoved food in her mouth! What a great mom I am.... TV during dinner! Oh well she ate right! Now she has tried Avocado and carrots. I have made the veggies and have frozen them. It was very easy so we will continue to do that for a little bit longer. It is easy and much cheaper!

I didn't feel like rearranging all of these so they are going backwards in our day...

Apparently Baby Einstein is funny and helps us eat or maybe it was the 3.5 hour nap this afternoon and 1.5 hour nap this AM! I think it was Number Nursery (Baby Einstien!)

a more serious moment

I am still fascinated by my hands!

My new trick!

Bath time and then bedtime for mommy and me!