Tuesday, May 31, 2011

If you don't succeed...

Try try again.  He started swaddle tonight but came 1/2 undone so I just removed the blanket to see how we do....

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Swimming Fool!

Last year Emma was petrified of the pool.  She was NOT a fan at all.  This year.... she has NO fear!  I don't want her to be afraid but at the same time I need to make sure she understands the danger of the pool!!  I have gone back and forth on what to get her to have on as a floatie/life jacket...  We have not gotten anything yet and there were extra swimmies so we used those.  She did great!!!  she was kicking and reaching and pulling her arms and jumping into Jeff's arms.  He was the lucky one to go in the COLD water:)

Bulldog, the lifeguard

Haaadley (as Emma says)

Dayne and Haaadley (Delaney and Hadley)

Sleeping at Mema's!  His sister would have never done this!


Saturday, May 28, 2011


Today was the perfect start to summer!  We went to the Memorial Day parade and had a great time (for the most part!).  The kids came home took naps and we set up our new patio set.  This is an early Anniversary present:)
Emma played outside ALL afternoon and evening!  We even ate dinner outside.  She is not into eating right now!  There are better things to do then eat so she had a few bites and then off she went to run through the grass with her painted toes!  You would think with the busy day she would have been sound asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.... Nope it is 9:20 and I just went in to tell her GOOD NIGHT for the 100th time!!!   She was having a party instead of going to sleep!! 

Make sure you read all the other entries I did tonight:)  I was in the blogging kind of mood I guess!

Parade Time!

Today we had another first!  We went to the Jameville Memorial Day parade!  Emma was very excited to go see Twucks!!  Liam was Liam:)  I woke him up from his nap and got him dressed to match Emma and he smiled the whole time! 

We got to the parade and all seemed to be going great!  Emma was happy and Liam was happy... then it was time for him to eat.  He DOWNED the bottle.  about 15 minutes later he started fussing so I thought maybe he was tired... nope... He then started to SCREAM!  If you just read about his 4 months I can honestly say Liam has only cried 3-6 times and NEVER EVER has it been like this.  Nothing was calming him.  I looked down and his legs and arms were turning bluish/purple.  Therefore I got a bit nervous!!!  We went inside and he seemed to calm down a little and got his color back.  I think with the wind and how fast he drank the bottle he was having gas pains.  He then got himself so worked up that he was hyperventilating and caused himself to turn bluish.  That was enough to scare me.... so for the beginning of his nap in the afternoon I sat in his room then I checked on him about every 10 minutes!   A little paranoid yes but I was a bit freaked out!!!

Emma had no clue that Yeum was upset.  She was so excited to see the Trucks and the parade.  She loved waving at all the cars driving by and LOVED seeing all the trucks.  She was a bit scared with the noise so she insisted on being held.  She had a smile the whole time so that was good!!


There is such a thing as SIBLING LOVE!

Aidan's BIG injury!

1st time!

I know I know!!!!
We are a little behind with Little Miss!  
 Little Miss Emma hates and I mean HATES to not have socks on!  That is presenting to be a problem with summer coming and it being warmer and me wanting her to wear sandals! 
So I decided we needed to paint her toes and then maybe she would not wear socks. 

Now the problem..... she does not want shoes on!!!!

HAPPY 4 Month Birthday!

I can not believe that my baby boy is 4 months.... REALLY 4 months???  When I sit down to think about it, I think only 4 months ago there was three of us!  Emma was the baby girl!  At the same time I think what was life like as just the three of us and I would not want it any other way then what I have now!

I used to think Emma was the happiest baby but, I think you may have her tied or possibly beat!  Emma had a few nights that she had a fussy spell.  Liam, well, I still have not heard him cry (until today, that story to come with the entry about the parade).  If you wake at night to eat, I do not hear you.  I must have a mother sense because you do not cry.  I MAY hear a quiet little whine but that is about it.  We heard you scream at the hospital when you were born and I thought oh boy we are in for it... Then I heard you cry when you got your vaccines... and then maybe 3-4 other times.  When anyone look at this sweet boy you get a huge smile and giggle.  I LOVE it! 
 I am DYING to know how much you weigh but we don't go until June 20th for your 4 month appointment:(  I was going to change it but I figured that was another month without having to give you your vaccines and hear you cry!

 You have gotten so BIG!!  You are basically wearing 3-6 month clothes and some 6-12 are starting to fit (pj's).  The 3-6 month are still big in the waist but you are long and need the length!

Here are monthly pictures... I know not with the signs and forgot the dog a few times but they are monthly:)  That is what counts!

Look How much you have grown!!!


Can't wait to try this out!

I can't wait to try out Liam's new toy!  We have a little bit of time before he will use it but it will be perfect for outside and day trips to the pool.  Tomorrow I will get a picture of him in it:)  I couldn't wait to open it up!

He looks excited too!

Easy to carry!

Easy to set up!

Wish I had thought of it!

SO BIG!!!  In 6-12 month Pj's the other night!