Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I wont lie I did not want to do this at all but knew it was time!  I was not so sure about sending my "baby" girl to preschool in a crib.  Just did not seem right.  I was a bit nervous but it went GREAT!!!  She has slept great in it and takes great naps!  I know that will come to an end but for now I will take those few hours of peace while they are both napping:) 
The beginning:

Last picture in her crib:(  
Mommy had tears she was filled with joy!!!

 Liam was not sure what was going on!!!
 But they both loved helping daddy!!!

 Still wondering what is going on!!
 The excitement of waiting for all the pieces
 Slumber party on the floor (practicing for Florida:)!)


 First time going to bed in the BIG girl bed and SUPER excited!!

AND.... She is out!!!!!
If you can find her:)

Those cheeks look so chubby here:) haha!

Random post catching up!!!

Every morning as I head out side at a little past 5:30 AM (YES IN THE MORNING) to meet my sister I notice we are getting closer and closer to fall... and winter!  It is pitch black when we head out and starting to get much colder (although friday is suppose to be close to 100!).  Today I had on pants and a long sleeve shirt and was pretty cold!  By the time I get home around 6:30, there is daylight and I have usually warmed up a bit but BRRRR... Fall is coming!!!!
Before fall officially arrives we have to be sure to get every bit of summer out of the day!  The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE the water!  hose, sprinkler, water table and of course swimming!!

 We can't forget summer rain!  That is the BEST water to play in on a hot day!

Liam actually looks chunky here... don't let that fool you those are 6-12 month shorts falling off of him!!
We have enjoyed lots of swimming at Mema and Papa's pool but hard to get pictures when trying to be the lifeguard to two crazy swimmers:)  Maybe we will get one last dip and get some pictures and video!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We are still here:)

We have lots to update... until I do that here is this cutie at her preschool orientation:)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Why I will be gray in less then a year!!

See the post below to see about earlier in the day.... 
This is the latest of Sir William!!

While I was in the Kitchen Emma and Liam were in the other room playing... getting along should have been a clue they were up to something!!!
I peeked my head in and this is what I found!  May not look strange to you but this play pen was on the other side of the room... so they pushed it across the room to the toy chest so they could climb in and out.  Liam was getting good at it.... we might be purchasing the net for his crib!!!


A little bit of Liam

Today while I was helping Emma in the bathroom this little monster decided he was still hungry and climbed up on a chair and then onto our table to finish Emma's lunch.
Notice how he is looking up at the light.... I think if I was a minute later in walking in I would have had a little boy swinging!!

A week or two I posted a picture of Liam trying his cousin Ava's (Ava in PA) birthday gift on.  Poor boy will always have these pictures pulled out for one thing or another:)

His cousin did not have the same disgust for the outfit!  Thankfully!!  I am glad that she liked it much better then he did;)