Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas #2

I am so happy that I pulled this outfit out!!! I thought it was 18 months... it is 12 it fits perfect (and will fit for a few more months!!!)

My Guinness is SOOOO funny!!!

How did Santa know I loved bows and frogs?!?!?
He gave me both in one!

When you don't succeed the first time TRY TRY again! One of these times we will get a decent picture of the two of them!!!

What is out there???

Everyone else was eating Belgian Waffles and I just got puffs!

Trying on Daddy's hat

Noah showing Emma how to open the presents

Santa's little Elf


"OHHH what is that??? " It is really a cough but it looks like that is what she is saying:)

Now I will try Pap-Pap's hat...

Playing with my new toys this AM!

Who needs toys.....

I have a NASTY dog ball to play with!!!

Looks like it is my toy now Guinness!

Whatcha' Lookin' at??

more pictures....

Noah's new hat:)

Playing with my new toy from Pap-Pap and Grandma!

Noah is not so sure about sharing his blanket with Emma!

I love Noah's ball.... little did I know Santa brought me one too:)

Trying to get a shot of them together.... Emma was more concerned with chewing on a necklace!


These are just a few of the 1000's of pictures I took!!!