Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ophelia has arrived!!!

We were so excited to go see the AH-PAWS (Octupus), Ophelia the other day.  She was revealed on Monday afternoon so we headed to the zoo at opening to see her on Tuesday.  We didn't get to see her swimming around but saw her playing hide n seek in her cave:)  The kids were just as excited to see the HUGE starfish in there.  We will probably be again this week or next or both and hopefully get a look at her:)

 Of course putting food in his mouth:)!
 Trying to get one with just Liam!  He is never in pictures alone ;)
 Love that we are FINALLY wearing summer clothes! 

 Our favorite part of the zoo!  Penguin Time!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Chittenango Falls

Today we took the kids to Chittenango Falls.  It was perfect because it has been raining for well....ummm.... about a month.  Therefore the falls were full of water! 
When we went to Florida Liam would walk NOWHERE!  He would plop his little body down in mid stride and sit until he was picked up.  I was a little worried he would want to be carried the whole way so we brought the Ergo just incase.  He didn't want to be held once.  He did the WHOLE thing!!  Emma did great too and kept saying she was a big girls and big girls don't need help.  I told her I was scared and need help.  She then with hold my hand on the steep parts:) 

SO excited they were jumping up and down so I could not get a picture:)!

We have a hiker on our hands!  He was loving it!!

Checking out the falls

 Trying to get a picture with Liam:)

 Next time we are bringing someone with us so we can get a picture of all of us!  Anyone want to come:)

Our little lefty???
 Got out a little Further with the help of daddy!!

 Pirates Booty snack break!

I think we need Cousin Ava here to show us that bugs are nice and our friends.  I could not get a cute picture of them because there may have been a MICROSCOPIC bug within  a mile radius that Emma could see!  (I guess she is like here mommy!)
 Reading the History of the falls

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


We LOVE the zoo and we will come usually once a week... but we have not been that much because it has been under a LOT of construction and has been well... a pain but I am not complaining because it is going to look GREAT when it is all done!! We decided to head there today and it was the perfect day to get out and enjoy the sunshine... Yes we saw the sun SHINE today and it was a wonderful thing to see! I actually sat outside for a little bit at naptime and just soaked up the missing Vitamin D!!!

With how many times we have been to the zoo I don't think they have ever done this:)

We spotted the wolf!
The BEST part of the zoo... The penguins!!!

Checking out the turtles and looking for the alligators
These kids are scared to Death of a fly but their favorite thing to go see... Snakes!  Really??  They were blowing kisses to them!
The highlight of the trip today is watching the construction workers work on the front!  It is going to be awesome when it is all done!  We can't wait!!!

We also can't wait until the Paw-Paw comes... took me awhile to figure out what Liam was saying:)  Octopus!

Bows and iphone randoms

I have a small obsession with bows and Emma has an endless bow holder and basket.  I figured why not start making some instead of buying them all the time:) 
They are no boutique craziness but who gets that close to her head to see the errors?  Nobody:)  You all just see it in a picture and it looks cute and pretty:)
 We still had ribbon left so our friend Kate in SC and Cousin Ava is getting one:) 

Now for some iphone randoms:)

Daddy was away for a week so we went over to Mema's house to ride bikes at our neighbors house.  Could there be a more perfect driveway???  Wish we had this growing up!!
This little guy tried so hard to keep up with the big guys!

Proud to be riding her bike!!

Love this!
 Taking a break from the hard work!

I only have pictures of him because the others were going too fast I guess:)
 A walk down to the pond!
 Sweet cousins looking for the jumping frogs!
 Haha! This is the best!  Love the painful faces and as Kim pointed out Miss Hadley's modeling pose!  Always ready for a shot!

Father's Day we went to Kim's for dinner(Jeff was still gone)

 Liam loves all the Hess Trucks that Kim has!
 Yes that is Emma!  Thanks D for showing her!  and NO there were no broken bones.... YET!

TUCKERED out!!  No wonder this kid complains about his neck hurting!  Seriously how can he sleep like this!!!

Someone wants to come out and play:)
 Liam and his body!!!  he is going to miss her so much come Monday AM!!!  He is head over heels with her!!!
 The tickle/wrestling match!  This was a moment that there was love:)

Someone took over daddy's spot in bed!
 Finally getting to a park!  it is June 19th and we are still wearing hats and gloves to walk in the AM and it has rained almost the whole month!  We finally got a little park time in the damp cool weather.  It sprinkled on us a little but that didn't stop the fun!!