Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day

On Sunday we just hung out.  Jeff finished landscaping the yard and it looks great!  Can't wait for things to be in full bloom!!  Then after naps we were going to go swimming but I didn't feel like packing everything up so we just did water fun here:)

Daddy's little helper- early in the AM!  Liam decided to get up early this AM so Daddy and him headed out at 7:30 to finish the mulching

The Foremen!

Admiring all the hard work daddy did! He approves!

The Littles helped give the dogs a bath
 Monday Jeff worked for Papa so we did water fun here and went down for naps a little early so we could get over to the pool.  Emma loved it.... Liam... not so much:)  Fine with me if he would rather sit in the pack n play all summer.  Will make for a less stressful summer!!

Spinach strawberry salad!  LOVE THIS:)


This is how Liam felt;)
Now he likes it!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day Parade

She apparently has sensitive eyes like her daddy!

not sure what they were looking at.... probably the dogs!

Hadley, Aidan and Delaney

Emma joining the Goode's for a picture!

Mema and the "Syracuse" grandkids- Ava was one week to early for the parade

Liam getting ready to go on an adventure
 Liam looks so big in these next few pictures!!

Waiting for candy...

and he is off!

waving to the trucks


Friday, May 25, 2012

Daddy Daddy Daddy

Not only do they look like daddy.....  Act like daddy too:)

These ones are not acting like daddy;)  He usually is not wearing hot pink, orange and purple "makeup"

 But....  When you have a little girl you will let her put it on:)

This was idea was passed on to me by someone else and I think it is GREAT.  Old makeup container, 1$ nailpolish poured into it and left to dry = hours and hours of fun!!!