Friday, December 24, 2010

Busy Elf... and a little rambling

We have been busy here preparing for Christmas (and baby)! Jeff had a day off and I put him to work! We went and got a dresser for the baby so I could finally put somethings away. After that he put together a doll Highchair (from Bill and Shannon to Emma) and a trampoline from Grandma. We are going to put those in big bags so they are assembled and ready and she can start to play right away. The last thing our little elf put together was the table from Mema and Papa. That was the easiest... putting the four legs on, the chairs came pre-assembled!

The Dresser:
Not living near Pottery Barn outlet this little guy is not getting the same type of furniture as his sister! I think he will survive!!

I can't wait for Emma to play with all of her stuff tomorrow! I know I am probably more excited then she! Papa asked when she would be up to open presents and Jeff said 8:) My dad is trying to figure out how he can sit at home drinking his coffee watching the kids on Skype open their gifts. We figure Kim's kids will be opening at 7 on the dot because Aidan is BEYOND excited and to Emma it is just another day so she will sleep until I wake her up...

When we were little we always had a time that we had to stay in our rooms until and I plan on doing the same with Emma and her brother. I feel that it makes the day more bearable when you aren't up at the crack of dawn and everything is open and played with by 6:30!!! It will also allow me to go down and get somethings ready as they get older (like the cinamon buns that I am dying to cook right now:)!!!!) I remeber when I was little I thought it was noon (that is what it felt like) but my mom told me last night it was 7, when you are little and anxious to see what Santa brought it seemed MUCH later! When we were little it was usually Craig that would come into my sister and my room early in the AM and wake us... then we all were laying there wide awake! OHH the excitement of Santa!!

The Baby's room is coming along... We now have the crib set up, dresser, and the letters on the wall. I am starting to feel somewhat ready for this little guy to arrive... If that is possible. Although I have been up since 4:30 worrying about how Emma will do while I am in the hospital so I had to get up and type her "routine" for Mema and Papa! I am SOOOO thankful that they are leaving SUNNY, WARM (hopefully) Florida to come back up here for a few weeks to help out! It is a relief knowing that is all set but I still worry abouthow she will do and then how she will adjust when we come home with someone else that needs her mommy and daddy's attention! I am sure she will not be too happy with us at first. But soon enough I know they get over and don't remember life without the sibling. Lets' hope for that!!!

I originally was just going to do Liam but decided to put William...

Here is a picture of the bedding...
Thanks to Aidan for sharing:)

I will post some picture later this evening (hopefully) of Emma all dressed up for church.

I hope everyone is having a
Christmas Eve!

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sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

His room looks so cute! I love his letters, and the name Liam is just precious. William is my son's middle name and I'd never thought of that take on it but I wish I had! Love it. :) Merry Christmas to your sweet family! :)