Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy 1/2 Birthday!

Playing in the playpen this AM!

1/2 of a year!!!  I can't believe that our baby boy is 6months!  SIX MONTHS!!  1/2 of a year!  WOW!!!
Liam is still a super baby!  He likes to be held:)  I am ok with that.  When you go to put him dow he will throw a fit but he can usually be distract with anything from a toy to a fake sneeze:)  He will then just smile and laugh!!

What is Liam up to???
Not much:)  We don't go to the Dr's until the end of August... We got a bit off schedule for the 4 month so now we are all off!  I measured Liam and got between 28.25/28.5 inches and about 16lbs so I will add a lbs or two because it was not a digital scale and 16 did not sound plump enough!!
Liam is not sitting yet... maybe in 2 weeks or so he will sit being supported but right now there is no interest in sitting.

Liam is still sporting his red hair:)  He came out with dark brown and now it is strawberry blonde!  I LOVE it!!  With blue eyes still!
He LOVES the "johnny jumper"!!  Just like Emma.  I think she would still be in it if she fit the weight limit!
Liam typically is in bed by 5:30 (which is a fight to get him to stay awake most nights!!)and sleeps the night.  He has been going through a phase where he wakes up at 4:00 squealing- happy squeals!  Then he will fall back to sleep after he sings a song or two until 6!
He eats about 25-27oz formula and two "meals" a day.
What is in that mouth????
TWO tiny teeth starting to pop through!!!
These have been 6 wonderful months and I am sure the next 6 leading up to the 
first birthday will be just as wonderful!!!
(the best part is only 6 more months of buying formula:)!!)

These just crack me up!  Maybe before he is 16 she will sit in a picture with him!!!

told her if she smiled she would get a popsicle!

she is not having it but he thought I was hilarious!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Getting BIG!!

Liam is a bit of a lazy one but he is getting there:)

Liam is nowhere near sitting on his own but he refuses to sit back and relax in the bounce seat. All he wants to do is sit!!!

My friend Katy from SC said, "Mama, you can't hold this one back!" and she is SO right!!!  Emma I was "able" to keep back a little longer but Liam just watches her run and I know in a blink of the eye the baby gates will be back up and he will be right there behind her grabbing her hair and tugging at Lilly!!!  He will be 6 moths, SIX months... on Thursday!!! 

A few forgotten things

This weekend Emma helped daddy give the dogs a bath.  She was a VERY good helper!

Today we tried to do a little photoshoot with Liam... As you can see he was VERY serious!

Rolling over and....


Emma LOVES LOVES LOVES her "new" shirt!!

When I showed her the shirt this AM she stood right up in her bed with the biggest smile and said "YUV DOGGY EARS". Then Said "Doggy CHEE-o's" She was excited that the doggy have cheerios in the bowl I guess???
She is NOT always smiling for pictures!

Monday, July 25, 2011


Mack is getting close to taking over Lilly's spot!  :)

SPECIAL present!!!

Emma is obsessed with two things...
Clifford and Cars.  Saturday she got a VERY special present in the mail that we did not know about and she LOVED it!!!  Even Lilly liked it:)


Lilly getting the first nap!

Night Night!

Thank You Grandma! This was the VERY BEST surprise and I love sleeping with Clifford and Friends every night and naptime!!!

Emma (and Liam too)

Going for a hike

Sunday was such a beautiful day and not too hot and muggy so we decided to check out one of the area parks and waterfall.  We were not overly impressed with this one.  We could not get very close and we should have realized how dry it is so therefore the waterfall would not be to active.  Emma still had fun and that is all that matters:)

First time in the Baby bjorn, he liked it until this picture:)

Emma walked the whole way!

she got picked up at the end to look at the top of the waterfall

Comin' mommy?!?!