Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011


There is a blog in the works about the past few days and lots of pictures.  Until then here are a few pictures.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

William Allen!

He is large and in charge already:)  I will post more photos tomorrow when I upload the ones on the camera.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Getting ready

Emma is getting ready to head to aunt Lima to await the news that her baby brother has arrived!  Poor girl has no clue what is hitting her

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Helping mommy...

Not.sure it is helping me clean but it is containing the mess and the one that makes them!

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I am wondering what will happen once the baby comes if he does use a paci??? Will she switch back? I actually would be happy!

Thank You Amy, Neal and Kate!

Emma was so excited when I told her there was a present in the mail for Liam. Of course she had no clue if it was for her or her brother. She is still young enough that the highlight was the paper.
That was until she saw that the shirt and socks had dogs on them!! She has been carrying them around saying "dooooogggggieeeee!!!!"

We LOVE them!

Thanks Amy, Neal and Kate!
We miss you guys SOO much and hope that Liam will get to meet you all this summer or fall!!!


So as many of you have seen Jeff's mom is much more talented then me when it comes to sewing... Ummmm I can't even put a button back on:)

She has made these SUPER cute dresses for Emma....

She also made the curtains for Emma's room that I LOVE (I just can't find a photo right now)

So we got denim for Liam's room and got the curtains earlier this week and they look great and block out ALL


Someone must LOVE us....

Or maybe someone REALLY Loves
their grandkids!

Either way...
They are leaving this....

high of 70

to come to this....

High of 7 and feels like -16
(yes that is a negative sign in front of the 16. There is a similar number... 7:)!!!)

Thank you for coming to help out!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Almost there...

With 8 days left I am happy to say that we are almost ready for our little boy to be here!!!

We have the crib....

We have the room painted....

(excuse the mess in front of the dresser, that will all go on the changing table when completed!)

We have the letters on the wall....

We are painting the changing table to go with the crib and dresser
(and that is almost there!)....

We have some clothes to start off this little guy...
Lots of COZY pj's because it will be cold the first few weeks of his life
(ok... so maybe the first few months!)...

We have a Wubbanub....

We have the bottles washed and ready to go...

We have a COZY car seat cover so NO snowsuit is needed!!

I got a GREAT deal on this from a group here at home.
It was used for less than a month and I got it for 15$ (normally 40$)!!
I was super excited about that!

We have the bassinet set up....

not sure how long this will be used. I used it longer with Emma(about 4 weeks) because Jeff had torn his achilles and was sleeping on the couch (where he was most comfortable) so to not bother him in the middle of the night I kept E in our room. I have a feeling this little guy will be moving to his crib sooner then 5/6weeks.

We have the swing set up and bouncy seat....

Now we just need this little guy to come to see all these things that are just for him....
If his sister will share them!!!

8 DAYS!!!!

Our little guys, sister has her VERY special Big Sister Dress too!!!

This is a sneak peek at it :)

If you see any thing that is necessary that I am missing
let me know:)

P.S. The Keruig is ready to go to warm bottles and make mommy and daddy LOTS of coffee!!

One thing I have been thinking about since we found out that we were going to be a family of four is that I need to change the blog title... I have a few idea but want to choose one that we will not have to change again. When I decided to blog in the middle of the night when E was little I never thought about how our life would change and both the web address and the title are/will be out of date. The address will always remind us of our first home but the title has to fit the family... Any ideas??

when you don't answer Skype

This is what happens....


Big Sister

Emma is enjoying this big sister gig so far! She got a present this weekend from a good friend of mine! I am sure she is thinking this is going to be fun!!! Although she doesn't really get that it will require sharing mommy and daddy and everyone else! Right now I am sure she is thinking I get presents!!!!! Little does she know that does not last forever!

We are down to under 10 days!!! We are at 9 days and 22 hours! Haha it is single digits!!! I can't wait until this baby is born and to see what he looks like! Will he look like Emma did, but twice the weight?? Will he have a lot of hair or none? Will he be a red head too like his big sister?? (I hope not! Not sure we can take two red-head attitudes in this house:)!!) Oh the joy of what is to come in just 9 days!!!! Although we will not be sleeping until 8 every morning like I am now I won't mind because this new little bundle of joy (hopefully joy) will be here!!! I can't wait to see how Emma handles being a big sister. I think she will have good and bad moments but I do think she is going to be an amazing helper most of the time. Ok... Enough rambling and off to get her up from her nap!

She is going to be the BEST BIG SISTER!!!!

Sorry it is sideways. I can't get it to flip!

I can't believe how big she looks to me these days!! Bye-bye baby look and hello two year old look;)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lazy Sunday!

Today was SNOWY and COLD  so what else is there to do but stay in our pj's! 
I was trying to lay down and both Guinness and Emma had to be on here with me!

Friday, January 14, 2011

I real Grevelding Girl;)

Just another video that had me busting out laughing! Jeff says he knows what I do all day;)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

This girl cracks me up!

Yesterday Emma spent the morning with her cousins that are being potty trained. Emma is loves the potty but I am not ready for that battle and she developmentally is not ready either. She just loves to sit on it and flush it! Anyways, I think she picked up some skills from Hadley while she was there yesterday.
I wasn't going to post this on here but it just makes me laugh I had too:)

We will attempt to do this for real this summer. I am not about to potty train with a newborn!

Missing Photos...

Our one outing in days.... maybe weeks:) We did do her hair after the photo. It is hard to get a photo without Lilly in the middle of her face!

Wearing her super cute jeggings from Aunt Haley, Uncle Craig and Ava


I am thinking she is a righty but she still does do somethings Left handed.
I will start working on a Left handed lacrosse player this summer:)

After days of staying home and not going anywhere between the weather and me just not feelign up to lugging sweet Emma around I decided to pull out the play-doh. She was not so sure what to do with it....

so we made "balls"

Danced with Scout

Fed Scout the balls
Notice all the scout materials around... we don't go far without them!

We will see what I can find to do this afternoon in all my school stuff!