Sunday, April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Hadley and Delaney!

Emma's cousins turned 4 on the 21st and Emma was so excited to go to Hadee's and Dainee's birthday-Hadley and Delaney.
loving their "new" dog crate!

The cupcakes

The boys;)

Party of 4

Cheering on the girls!

Emma was happy with her 1 chocolate kiss and 1 lollipop:)  Can you tell she doesn't get much candy!

Cotton Candy time!

Watching D get her cupcakes

H's turn!

Singing Happy Birthday to her little sister!

Trying on the glow in the dark glasses!

where have we been

I guess we have been too busy to blog:)  Or maybe fighting sickness.  Liam has had one ear infection after another... After about 5 weeks of listening to Emma cough and sniffle, get better for a day or two and then cough, sniffle again I took her and they treated her with an antibiotic and she is finally "better".  Liam got off his and the whole time he was on it I thought he still had an ear infection and yep... He does!  Along with that he has Roseola.  Double Whammy for my boy!
I guess I haven't really taken many pictures!!  Here is Liam reading to Sabol:)  Sabol is not doing very good so I am glad I have this picture for Liam:)  As you can see Sabol was really into the reading the upside down book:)!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Memories of Friday :)

Life in CNY....  Friday we were using these things in our bathing suits.... Today... well we might be using them- with a different suit on...snow suit!  

HAPPY MONDAY- Glad I get to stay inside with my coffee today;)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hello Sunshine!

Today we enjoyed the sunshine because it will be gone for a week or so:( We headed to the zoo... yes we go at least once a week! We then came home the kids napped and I got the water stuff out for fun play this afternoon. They LOVED it! Liam was not sure about the sprinkler but he LOVED watching Emma play!!
Emma had to show all the animals her car!

Proof he was there with us!!


BRRR.... It is cold!

Might be cold but she was LOVING it!!

Liam wanted nothing to do with the water but....

LOVED watching his sister!

Emma is too funny!!!!
I would love for the sun to stick around here but if it is true "April Shower Bring May Flowers"... we are ok with it;)

Friday, April 20, 2012


I am a bit behind but the time has come I need to get these kids their lacrosse sticks now that we are back in NY:)
They were having fun with mine though;)

We need to work on the handball

As stated in the post below....  EVERYTHING goes in the mouth!

A boy and his dog...

The other day Liam took a short nap and was up before Emma so I was able to follow him around outside and take pictures.  I can only imagine all the things that were going through his head as he explores the new world outside!  Last year he laid on a blanket or was in the go-pod while we were outside... then winter came and well do I need to remind you his feelings on being outside in winter...

now with some nice days he is getting to explore....

I think I can get up this way....

UGH!!! Frustrated little boy!

hmmm... I think I see Emma and Ryan go this way...

How in the world do I get up this thing???

I'll go in this!

Checking to see if daddy's plants are coming in

What is that thing flying up there???
 Time to play with Guin-Guinn

Is she watching me still??

Fetch Guinness

(Guinness) That is as far as you can throw??

Why aren't you playing???


He is a boy!

I wonder if she will eat this...
ummmm that doesn't smell like food Liam...  Just try it!


She LIKES it!

hey!  She spit it out!!!

EAT IT!!!!

I am noticing I am going to have to keep an eye on him...  He likes to test everything with his 5 senses:  Feel, smell, see, hear and TASTE!!!
So far I have found: sticks, mulch and rocks in his mouth!  And a dog toy;)