Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Park and Picnic

Today we went to the park and had a picnic with Hadley and Delaney!  The girls had a blast and Liam enjoyed just running around. 
Emma made made great strides while at the park.  Before H and D got there she went off with another little boy and girl to play.  I could not believe it.  She told me mommy you go over there I stay here with the big kids.  For those of you that know her... That is a HUGE step!  I was so proud of her!!!
This park is great because everything is just the right size for a 1.5 year old and older!!! 
We moved to NY for a few reasons and I would lie if I say I don't get home sick from SC!  I miss a lot about it there but today is exactly why I wanted to be up north.  We made a last minute trip to the park and had a picnic with cousins! I love that Emma has Hadley and Delaney so close and that they are only 11 months apart... trouble in the future but for now I will enjoy watching them run around trying to catch butterflies (and Emma acting like a dog:)!!)

The girls...  The main reason I wanted to be back home-  The last minute trip to the park and a picnic!!  The perfect day!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Why Blog???

This is Day 2 of the commenting Challenge.  I love finding new blog to follow.  Today's topic is basically about your blog and why you blog....

Basically I just blog about my life as a stay at home mommy of a 3 year old strong willed little girl and a 1 year old strong willed little boy:)  I started this blog when we were living in South Carolina and the majority of our family lived in Central NY and PA.  It was away of updating pictures daily of our sweet little Emma without Emma-spamming their emails:)  I could put them on there and not worry about sending them to everyone or missing someone!  It was a great way for people to stay up to date with our life with Emma.  We moved to CNY and it is now both of my kids form of a "baby book" when I want to remember something I look it up on here:)  It is great because I was not good at staying on top of the baby book or scrap book!

Hopefully I am able to keep on top of it as the kids get older for something they can look back on as they are older.  When I have a minute breathe the last thing I have felt like doing is writing a post and hoping this will get me back on track:)

What blog would it be if pictures of these two sweet kids were not included:)
Breakfast outside for Father's Day

Thanks for stopping by:)

Who we are:)

I am in a bit of a blog slump so I decided to play along with the Blog Comment challenge over at Jenna's Journey.  Maybe that will get me back in the swing of things!!

A little about us:
Jeff and I just celebrating our 4th anniversary!

In those 4 short years we have had lots of changes!  The biggest change of all is the addition of our daughter Ema Rose and son William (Liam) Allen.  We have also had job changes and a move from Greenville, SC to Central New York!

Emma Rose- 3/25/09

William Allen- 1/28/11

The first meeting.... Was not love at first sight:)
Still working on that Love thing!

Here it is!!  Sharing her ring pop with her brother!!!

Emma enjoying a candy Necklace at her cousins Graduation! 
Liam enjoying the rain at Cousin Mitchell's graduation Party!

 This is Who We Are...  Just a stay at home mommy and loving it and a daddy that works extremely hard to give his two little loves all they want:)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day out takes

Doing the Papa picture was pretty easy. Hadley and delaney held a P and Aidan held an a to go with this:)

The Winners:)

 For Daddy:

With Every
Step, I try
so hard
to walk in
your shoes..
Love, Emma Rose and Liam
Father’s Day 2012