Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas in Skaneateles! SO Gorgeous!

Today was such a gorgeous day here! After having two weeks of constant lake effect it was nice to have such a gorgeous weekend in the forecast. Today I was going to do errands and run here and there but instead decided to go to Skaneateles. They have the Dickens people in the month of December but it is from noon to 4 so we will miss that for the next few years with naps but it is still so nice to go down and see the village and get a picture:) We have gone every year since we got engaged. When we were taking some pictures a lady came and asked to take one of all of us and she said that they have been coming every year as well and then her kids came and they were teenagers. It was neat to think that this is something we can do each year and be able to see the kids grow.

It is VERY hard to get a picture of Jeff with his eyes opened... for some reason today Emma had to close her eyes with him so the kissing picture is the best of them all!

Would have been cute if their eyes were open:)

(as I look at the pictures I remind myself I am 8.5 months pregnant! I look and feel it!)

This is Skaneateles Lake, it is one of the most gorgeous lakes year round! I love the Village, during any season!

Here pictures from the past few years...
The year we were engaged. This was obviously not a White Christmas:( Christmas is just not the same without snow!

The first year of Marriage and pregnant with Emma! We didn't get a picture down in Skaneateles of us. The one in the snow was taken at home. Nobody was out and about on the day we were down there to take a picture of us.

Last year with Emma... After I started this I realized I can't find the ones from last year:( I am so bummed. I will have to continue to look....

Next year there will be Emma and her brother who wil be just about 11months old! That is crazy that next Christmas I will have an almost 1 year old! WOW!!!!

I did find the picture of Emma and Santa though.... I will have to post last years and this years later...

I hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful weekend!
I know we are:)
I can't believe Christmas is a week away!
By this time next week we will all be exhausted from the chaos of Christmas Morning!!

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