Monday, January 30, 2012

Birthday Party- Take 1

On Saturday Liam had such a great day!  It was a perfect... March day!  I am so glad that we did not plan a sledding party as it was 40 or so and sunny with not a snowflake on the ground!!

We started our day with a test run at My Gym with Emma... She loved all the toys and equipment, following directions... not so much;)  She will get there but being surrounded with a ball pit, slides and everything else makes it hard to sit and sing a song.  Hopefully after a few weeks she will get the hang of it!

Then we came home for naps and get ready for Party time:)  We had a blast and Liam did not do any messy cake pictures so maybe this weekend he will get more into it.  He just picked at it!

I did not take too many pictures... here are a few and will get some "1st Birthday" pictures this weekend
 This is a super adorable shirt made by Grandma!!!

He loved sitting in the chair stomping his feet

One shoe on one shoe off... this boy is a MESS!

Patiently waiting for her turn.  Surprisingly she did great with Liam getting presents
 THANK YOU Ava for my tractor!!  It was a big hit with everyone!  I LOVE it too!!!
(Uncle Craig and Aunt Haley too:)!!)

 THANK YOU Grandma for my car ramp!  Emma LOVES to play with it too!  I am sharing with her now!

THANK YOU Aidan, Hadley, Delaney (Aunt Kim and Uncle Eric) for my St. Patrick's day green North Face coat.  It is a favorite of mommy's!!  She can't wait to dress me in it for St. Patrick's day!!  I will get a picture in it soon... We might size up to 3T (gasp!!!)

Mema and Papa I can't wait to get one last gift from you this weekend!!!  Coming home all the way from FL to celebrate my Bday!!!  How nice of you:)


My new rocket!
We had such a special day with our one year old!  It is amazing how fast the year has gone!  
I loved getting all the messages for Liam and it shows how much he is loved!  I wish I could save all those messages so when he was older he could hear all the love he got from everyone on his 1st birthday!!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cousin Time

On friday I got to have BOTH Hadley and Delaney come over and play!  Delaney was excited because it is usually just Hadley that comes to play!
The girls had a blast!

The best we could do

Liam enjoyed the rest of the toys while they were in the playhouse

Here comes Liam MONSTER!!

Of course Hadley was the one looking at the camera:)

There is nothing better then seeing them play together and get along for a few hours!  Both Emma and Liam took great naps afterwards... I guess H and D tired them out!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

12 months!!

One year ago today we held what we feel is the sweetest most beautiful boy in our arms.  Although he was a big baby he seemed so tiny!  I feel like it was just yesterday that I got to hold that tiny little baby ( and we held him or a LONG time because I was in recovery FOREVER!!)

These past 12 months have been so wonderful having Liam here with us  He is such a wonderful baby and super cuddly which I am soaking up because I know one day he will not want his mommy hugging and kissing him in public:)
This past month has gone by so quickly.  I have dreaded it coming to an end because I will no longer answered the question of "how old is he" with months.  I will now say 1 YEARS OLD!!  Hmmm maybe I could continue with months...  I can say he is 60 months at 5... that will threw some people off;)  Either way he is my sweet baby boy whether he is a baby or a tantrum throwing toddler.  I will love him through it all:)

This month Liam has slowed down a bit with 'milestones'.  He is sticking to the 11 month milestones but mastering them;)  He walks behind everything and anything!  He loves to push things.  Emma has a 'track' through the house and he loves to do the loop with her.  They just laugh and laugh as they go around and around.  It is so sweet!!
I can't believe that a year ago I was anxiously waiting for them to come and get me and take me back to the OR so I could meet my baby boy!  I was filled with so much worry and anxiety about Emma being without me for 3 days (how could she live without me!!) and I was worried about going in for another c-section!  I was worried about going from a family of 3 to a family of 4.  The second I heard that cry and saw my baby boy all those worries went away and were filled with a new love and joy!
One day old

2/3 weeks

2 months old

3 Months old

 4 months

5 months old

 6 Months

7 Months

8 Months

9 months

10 months

11 Months

We have not done pictures in the official Birthday shirt be here are a few in another one:)
12 months old!