Friday, February 28, 2014

Marco Island, Florida- Favorite Vacation spots

With another Polar Vortex coming I am dreaming of summer, warmth and SUN!  Right now I will just take a little sun and a little warmth.. 40's would be great!!!
I am linking up with Kelly's Korner and SUYL- Favorite Vacation

When I was in 5th grade we started going to Marco Island, Florida! I just love it there.. SUN and beach!  All you need:)  It is not all touristy like Myrtle beach and it is just relaxing.  All I need is the sand, waves crashing and sun... Perfect vacation to me! 
We were able to go last year for a week and although the weather did not cooperate with us and give us sun and warmth we still had a great time.  Maybe we will get there again one of these years!!!

AHHHH!!!! Those just warmed me up:)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Glimpse of spring!!

Today This morning was a BEAUTIFUL spring like day for CNY!!!  The sun was shinning, birds were chirping and we were 40 degrees.... That is warm here!!  We put on our fleeces and headed out to ride bikes!!!  Emma has been begging to ride her bike fore weeks months!  It is hard to do that when you have a foot of snow on the driveway!  She was LOVING it today!  I sat on the driveway soaking in the vitamin D!! 

Before we headed outside we went and got a much needed haircut for Liam!!


The wonderful sunny, warm day ended with a nice cold burst of fluffy snowflakes!

It was nice while it lasted and it helped show there is a light at the end of this COLD COLD winter!!


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snow fun and some news!!

We have really not done a lot with the bitter cold that we have had these past few weeks.  It has even been too cold to go outside:(  Everyone is getting a bit of cabin fever....  I am talking weeks of hanging out at home:)  We have gotten lots of crafts in, some playing outside and playing with snow inside;)!

 This one is wishing it was spring and she could jump rope and ride her bike!!
 Pretending we are at Mema and Papa's beach digging in the sand.  Haha!

 Yes he is standing here!  I had to go rescue him!

 Wearing our Orange and Blue to cheer on Syracuse Basketball...  25-0!  They are giving us some really thriller of games!
Now for the news of the West Household!  Miss Emma and Sir Liam are going to be BIG siblings!!  They are super excited (Liam has no clue what is coming)!  Today they went to the dr with me and heard the heartbeat and they thought that was so cool and then they wanted to know why we weren't bringing the baby home and how does the baby come out and oh the questions began!!! ;) 
This was the first picture of the little one... about 10 weeks ago:)  Haha a little delayed on that post...

Emma and Liam meeting for the first time:)  I think she will be able to rewear her Big sister dress as a top;)!
 She really was not so sure about him!  Haha!  We will see how she feels in a few months!!!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

HAPPY HAPPY 3rd Birthday Willam Allen!

THREE!!!  I can't believe that this boy is 3 years old!!!  He celebrated in Liam fashion... SICK:)  He was born healthy and the last 3 bday's he has been sick.  Why change that tradition:)
He still loved his day and his party;)

A new Tonka Truck... Well somewhat new:)
Liam was nice enough to share his new dress up stuff with Emma.  She has been nice enough to share her princess outfits with him for 3 years!

Cake time!

This little guy was SOOO excited for his cake!  Even if he doesn't eat any!

Over the weekend the GOode's came over for the TRACTOR cake and his party.  We are not ones to do big parties.  The cousins are a party of its own;)

Still can't believe he is 3 and going to preschool in the fall!
Aidan, Emma, Hadley and Delaney helping open his new Firetruck!  
Thank You Aunt Kim, Uncle Eric, Hadley Laney and Aidan!

New tractors from Emma:)
Lego Firetrucks and Fire station and the cutest book!!!
Thank You Aunt Haley, Uncle Craig, Ava and Luke!  
This is a big hit!!
Someone was either shy or scared of the singing:)
Not bad blowing out all the candles with one puff when you have pneumonia!

HAPPY HAPPY DAY BUDDY!  Can't wait to see all you do and learn in the coming year!  LOVE YOU LOTS AND LOTS!!!