Friday, October 28, 2011

A little Hadley time:)

Today Emma got to spend time with just Hadley and she LOVED it.  Poor Delaney was at the doctors again and Kim thought there was going to be a chest xray and labwork so we thought having Hadley here would be best. 
 The girls got to talk to mema and papa!  
They LOVED playing play-doh while chatting on Skype:)

There is Mema playing with them

Emma didn't get mad at ALL about sharing Mack and her Cars with Hadley!!!

 Liam woke up to join the party!  I thought he would be the most safe in the playpen!!

But he wanted to cuddle wiht Hadley!!  
He also wanted the paci that Aunt Jill let her have:)  Sorry Kim!

What a sweet big cousin!!!

 Three Amigos!
Love how Emma is sitting so far away from Liam:)
 Yesterday we got a sneak peek...
at winter:)!

Not sure if you can see the snow falling
Emma was SO excited to see the snow!  She wanted to go out and play but I need to get hat and gloves for her!  I guess this was a little reminder to get out there and get her some!!!  I won't lie I was like a little kid watching it!  It is a bit too early but it made me get so excited for the holiday season!  It is right around the corner whether or not we want to be it is!!!

This is what the BIG snowfall left us for the AM!  The first thing Emma did when I woke her up was go to her window and look out at the snow!
Then she cried that she wanted to go play in snow!  Go play in what stuff!!!!  Mommy go buy me gloves!!!  
It could be a LONG winter:)

Our Week

We really have not been up to a whole lot this week...  It is getting colder so the fuzzy jammies are staying on longer and longer each day:)  Yesterday I had my MRI in the AM so I had to wake up Emma to drop them off at Kim's bright and early!!  So they got to stay in their PJ's all day- it was just too cold to change when we got home and was almost nap time... Why change into clothes at 4pm after nap????  We just put on different PJ's:)

This little guy has been up to A LOT!!  In less then 24 hours he got up on all 4 and started "crawling" sliding backwards and then when I went in after his nap he was sitting in his crib!!!  Stop getting so big!!!  SLOW DOWN:)

Although he is getting so big he looks so tiny trying to crawl!

He is really into blowing raspberries ALL the time! 

Both kids were enjoying a Morning of watching "Cars".  I think Liam likes it too:)

Wednesday we went to an Open Gym to play and the kids were dressed for Halloween so I thought I would TRY to get a picture together... Haha.  I will have to photoshop pictures together until they are 16:)

Showing off his teeth

And he is done.  Emma is sitting on the arm of the chair and Liam is going to the other!
While Emma was still napping I decided to let Liam sit in "HER" chair.  He loved it!

So Proud!

And.... that only lasted for a few minutes:)

Hopefully we will have something more excited to post this weekend or next week. Although I am not so sure what that will be... we do the same thing each week... Playgroup Tuesday, Open Gym Weds and Library on Thursday:) Exciting life we lead here!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Emma and Liam got to go Trick or Treat at Mema and Papa's last night.
Off to go trick or treating for the first time!  With her bag that mommy made:)

Checking out Superman.  She didn't get the whole idea... Emma just wanted to go play

Now she gets it!

Sorry buddy in a few years you get to get some too:)
The MANY photos to get all the kids in the picture....

Now to get Mema and Papa:)

Liam and Emma are saying we are DONE!!!


That truly is what Liam is!  He is a super amazing baby but he was also dressed as superman today:)

Happy 1st Halloween (early) Liam:)