Monday, December 6, 2010

Snow DAY!!!


Well not really but in our mind it was. Jeff had taken the day off today so it felt like one! Most of the schools were just delayed around here. A few closed but it takes more then this to close school around here.... or they would always be closed!!!

ok.... This is fun.... I think...

Last night when putting Emma to bed I said to her sleep until 9 tomorrow AM so mommy can too! Never did I think she would listen!! I went in and woke her up at 9 because she was still sleeping!!! She slept for 14.5 hours!!!! She has been sleeping until 8 but 9! That was just crazy too me! On top of that we are now into hour 2 of her nap! yesterday she slept 13.5/14 hours and then a 2.5 hour nap. I guess she is growing! Although I hope not because I don't want to have to buy winter clothes for her!!

I am a bit confused on what is falling from the sky and staying on the ground!

After getting her up and playing I decided I couldn't wait to take her out and "play" walk around on the patio in the snow. We got all dressed and she left the hat on, which is a huge step but she was not having the gloves. I figured she would have to learn the hard way!! She did. She was laughing and smiling and looking at the sky and then she fell and her hands got all snowy. The crocodile tears started and our fun was over! I am glad I got the pictures as soon as we went out because she wants nothing to do with going out in it again! In a way that is fine because in another month this mommy will not be going out because I will either really be ready to burst or already have a little one so we will be staying inside during the days!


How do I walk in this??? I am glad daddy has shoveled MANY times... It would be about as tall as me:)

Mommy, WHY are my hands so cold?????

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