Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day!

What a wonderful day with Emma it was! We had a rough start but ended up being a wonderful day with her. Although, she didn't really get the it, it was still fun to see her play with new toys!
We woke her around 8:15 so we could get to my parents to do presents there. When we woke her up she was beyond tired and out of it... Santa leaves her slippers each year and she was not impressed with them. I put them on and Jeff went downstairs and she freaked out. I thought she wanted her daddy... nope she was just a mess. We went down stairs to see the presents... still a mess. opened one and still a mess. The slippers came off and she was happy! If only I had known that is what did it! I would have taken them off!!! She did warm up to them and wore them throughout the day. I think she was still out of it and I was shoving these big hello kitty slippers on to her feet!
Here are a few of the morning at our house:
The slippers that caused the drama!

My sleeping Queen! She was OUT of it!!!

Her first thought of Christmas!

Opening her first gift....

Peeking at the next gift...

Decided the gifts weren't so bad after all!

starting to get the hang of it!

Thank you Aunt Shannon, Uncle Bill and Noah for the highchair!

My Table and Chairs from Mema and papa! Just my size! THANK YOU!

Helping Daddy with his gift:)

Baby stuff for my dolls! THANK YOU GRANDMA!!!

Emma got her own little Trampoline from Grandma too! At first she wasn't sure what to do...
She Quickly learned!!!

Her New cup from Santa...
Just a few things in the stocking this year:)

Taking a break from jumping

Finally decided the slippers weren't so bad!

The BEST part of the day!!!! STICKY BUN TIME! The smile says it all!

Emma is down for her nap and we are going to take the tree down. Will do more later!
Hope you all are having a great Sunday RELAXING after a wonderful Christmas!

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