Friday, October 30, 2009


What a day! 17 first graders, dressed up for Halloween, Halloween treats, Pep Rally and it is Friday! Thank God it is over! The kids LOVE it and are happy so that is all that matters right????!!!

Yesterday Emma took photo's in Daddy's Pumpkin now today she is Mommy's little pumpkin!

Drool is in FULL effect in these photos:)

Sneek Peek:)
If you know Emma's cousins then you will know what she will be dressed as tomorrow but here is a peek:) We may be meeting up with Kate and Amy after our AM nap so you will get to see pictures of two SWEET babies. Not knowing what the other was going to be dressed as their costumes go together! Quite funny I think!!!

Well any guesses??? I am sure you all know and little does Emma know what will be happening to her tomorrow!!!

Now it is time for bottle and bed. Hopefully she won't be practicing her crawling tonight when we put her down:) Getting too big!

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