Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hanging with Guinness!

What do you see Guinness???

I was a little mad at mommy when I found out that Mema and Papa were in Marco Island and we could have gone if we had planned it before Wednesday night! Mommy had conferences today and could have scooted out of work early and we could have hopped on a jet plane to Marco. Oh well, instead of doing that I got to enjoy the afternoon in our beautiful fall weather.... who would want to be on the beach right????!! I think I would have liked Mema and Papa's beach better than the mud pit Guinness and sabol have made the backyard:)

My two babies:)

This Dog sure makes me laugh!!!

I will crawl for this nasty, dirty ball!

Guinness is not so sure she wants me crawling for it though....
Little does she know her tail will be just as fun to chase!!

Did you see her take that from me????!!!!

I will get it back!!! Just wait Guinness!!!

This will make it ALL Better!!!

Kisses from Sabol and....

A bottle from Daddy will make it all better!
Although Daddy was making me work at holding my own bottle!!

Now it is to bed to practice my getting on all fours!

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