Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Our Little Pumpkin

I just love this shirt so we had to get some more wear out of it during "Halloween" season and while it still fits:)

So BIG!!

I used to barely fit on the blanket....
Now look at how much I can STRETCH!

Emma Look over here!!!

What are you looking at????

AHHHHH... Now I see!!!!

Guinness was not so sure about her laying in HER yard!

Both Dogs keeping a close eye on THEIR baby!

Just a few of ME:)

Emma had a rough morning but we think maybe she is growing and is just wanting to eat ALL the time! She slept until 5 this evening and then I woke her up to eat dinner and bath and she was whining and ready for bed again at 6:00... Maybe a growth spurt! I hope and not getting sick! Last time she went to bed late she woke up VERY early so lets hope that she will sleep to her normal time!

Dinner time reading her book!! She is going to be so smart:)

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