Sunday, October 25, 2009

7 Months!

Wow! Where does the time go? It seems like it was just yesterday that I was sitting in the hospital and they were trying to induce me and you did not want to budge. Dr. Price came in and said that it was time to do a c-section. I was so excited to meet you and had no idea what the next week was going to be like! It was so amazing seeing your tiny little body and now.... You are such a BIG girl.
  • You are weighing around 16lbs and 27inches
  • We have just reintroduced veggies and fruits after you had some trouble and was put on medicine. You love to eat food... not so much the bottle!
  • You have seemed to enjoy your cookie and starting to sip on the sippy cup. I have to show you what to do and you laugh and then start sipping.
  • You LOVE Baby Einstein!!!
  • Still LOVE to sleep! On average you are sleeping from 5/5:30-5:30 (can't complain about that!) and taking 2-3 naps during the day. We are still working on just two naps! This weekend you have done great at that so lets hope it continues!

You love to sleep with Lilly over your face and hugging her
your "wubby" wubb-a-nubb:)
  • You Love your Jump-a-roo! I think you could spend the day in there.

  • We are still wearing stage 2 diapers and eating stage 1 foods
  • Lael and Kassi spend the days with you while mommy and daddy are at work. We wish we could spend the days with you but know that you are in loving hands while we are gone!
  • You got your two bottom teeth poking through!
  • Still not sure what your final eye color will be...

I cherish every second I have with you and live for the weekends when I can spend all day with you and daddy! Monday thru Friday can't go fast enough but I wish that we could freeze time on the weekends and spend more time with you! You have been such a wonderful baby and couldn't not ask for a better baby to call our own!

Happy 7 Month Birthday!

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