Monday, August 29, 2011

7 months... updated

Just hanging around!

7 months... 213 days!  We are now closer to a year old then we are the newborn!!  Liam has gotten SO big in the last few weeks!  He is getting more control of his body.  He is pretty lazy so he just flops around if you don't have a good hold on him:)
Loves to bounce!
A little about Liam at 7 months:
  • He is have 2 "meals" a day- still just the puree baby food and have been adding some of the stage 2 dinners ( I don't do the meats, I stick to only making fruits and Vegetables)
  • Takes about 27oz of milk a day
  • Sleeps 12+ hours at night.  Goes down between 5:30-6 and takes 2 -3 naps/day
  • LOVES his sister!! Whenever Emma is in the room he just smiles and watches her GO or throw a tantrum... whatever it may be at the moment
    hair spikes like his sister!
  • he loves his doggy/blanket
  • Liam takes  a paci but I don't think he is super attached to it.  Emma went to her thumb at 9months.  I am hoping he sticks with his paci and we can stop using it around 1.
  • A more serious shot:)
  • has 2 bottom teeth.  I think some more are coming because he is back to munching away on anything and EVERYTHING!!
  • so far we are not sitting (will sit leaning on me), just some wiggling to try to get to something.  If the ipad or computer are in front of him he will work extra hard to try to get it!

Here are some more of the photo's from our 7 month photoshoot:)

some of my favorite things

I am THIS long!

Smiling again:)!!

I am a LONG baby!!!

I am done Mommy!!!
My two teeth!

My favorite toys!  Eric Carle!

Poor baby is DONE!

A look back at Emma Rose at 7 months:) (click on 7 months)

***  tomorrow we go for Liam's "6" month check up so we will get the updated weight and length!

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