Monday, August 15, 2011

A week has gone by??!!!

I have not blogged in a week???  WOW!!!  I would love to say that we were so busy having fun but I think it is the opposite... I have had nothing exciting to blog about....  I will go back in pictures and see what we did over the past week.... Baby brain:)

Sunday morning we had no coffee(THE END OF THE WORLD!!!) so Jeff and Emma went to DD to get some coffee and donuts!  As you can see she was LOVIN' her donut!!  I was LOVIN' my coffee:)

 Liam hinting to Mema and Papa that he wants to come visit them in FL.  So if they want to fly him down he would love it but you have to fly his mommy and daddy too:)!!
 Emma is OBSESSED with dogs!  She loves ALL dogs and often acts like one!  Our dogs love ice.  That is their cheap treat:)  Guinness takes her ice to the carpet.  Emma seems to think that she is a dog because that is exactly what she did!  She took her ice over to the carpet and tried to eat it without her hands!
In Syracuse you never know when it will hit! 

 These boots were about 10 sizes too big but she insisted on wearing them and then had a fit because I would not let her wear them too bed!!

Liam LOVES his sister.  When I tell Emma that Liam LOVES his BIG sister she says, " NO, I MEMMA!"  It cracks me up when she says it!  He just watches her with the biggest smile no matter what she is doing!

Somebody does not want to show his tooth off!

 My BIG boy is serious about eating:)

From a FROG...

I think Liam is bigger then Emma was at 12 months!!  

I was sitting inside feeding Liam a bottle and Emma was going in and out the door.  I could not see what she was doing.  When Liam was done I got up to tell her I was taking him up for his nap.  This is what  I saw.  She decided Guinness needed a snack:)



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