Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Not sure if we will see this again!!
Today has been such a nice day.  It was suppose to be a lot warmer and sunnier but the cloudy and breezy day was fine by me. 
Liam, Emma and I were having some friends over for a playdate.  They were 3 boys so Emma was the outcast but because she LOVES cars and trucks she fits right in with her pink dress:)  Liam slept through the first half:) 
At first Emma was a little hesitant about all the new people in her yard and playing with HER toys but she warmed up!  She ended up having a great time and hugged James goodbye!  When they pulled out she was upset and wanted "Yames back!"  Maybe she is beginning to warm up to people!!

Then there was a HUGE milestone!  She wanted to hold Liam!!!! And carry him!!!..... AND.....  Even play with him.  She cried when I put him down for his nap.  It was so sweet watching her and he was just laughing and laughing at everything she did!  I tried to get some pictures the best I could!
Tickle time!

She is SILLY!

Loving his Big Sissy!

 No he does not have a black eye in the above photo!  I took out the red eye hit save and then saw the "black eye"!  Oh well I still had to post because he was just sitting laughing away and watching EVERYTHING Emma was doing!

Sharing Lilly!  I told you it was a milestone day!!!!!

My baby is almost 7 months!!!

Trying to hold him!

NO she is not strangling him... trying to carry Yeum!

Like this Mommy???

apparently she thinks she is wonder woman and she can carry Liam with one hand!  I struggle with two arms:)

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