Saturday, August 27, 2011

29 months!

Wow!  Can Emma Rose really be one month away from 2.5!!!  She has grown so much in the past 5 months, actually since about June.  I look at her somedays and just say WOW!!!
I feel like most of these blog post are with pictures of Liam so I wanted to dedicate this one to just Emma!

This fall when we moved
When we first moved up here in November we had Emma evaluated for Speech.  She was maybe saying 3 words at 18 months.  As a teacher I was nervous and of course think of how that can be linked to reading/Language issues later on.  So when we went for her 2 year old appointment on April 15th and she was probably only saying 6-10 words I was still nervous.  My pediatrician said as a mom I know she will not qualify because I have been there.  I decided I would wait it out a few months and then try again.  In Emma style, she did it on her OWN time.  Around the end of May she was talking and was talking a lot (compared to what she had been) now 4 months after that appointment we can have little conversations.  It amazes me how quickly she picked it up!  Now instead of just throwing a tantrum she can throw the tantrum and tell me NO or I WANT!  It is even louder :)

January- becoming a BIG SISTER!
She is starting to show more love to Liam and also Sibling "dislike":)  Whenever I take him up for his nap she sneaks up and comes in to blow him kisses night night.  I think she is falling in love.
At the same time she is cracking me up because he loves to "talk" and when he does she turns to him and scrunches her faces at him and says, " NO TALKIN" YEUM! NO TALKIN".  I have to get that on tape!  He then laughs and she smiles and then says "NO YAUGHING YEUM, NO YAUGHING!" (no laughing).  Then it starts all over.  When she first started, I told her you don't say no to Liam,  only mommy and daddy do.  That obviously did not work so I did timeout next.... well we spend about 90% of our day going to timeout and she would smile and laugh.  She would say it to him then go run and sit in the chair.... Not the effect I was hoping for.  So I thought..... hmmm she got attention in a negative way so I will ignore it....  Still did it.  Yesterday I put her in her bed everytime- Lets say my legs are sore and in shape after going up and down stairs all day!!!  Still doing it so today I just said forget it.  I think she is doing it in good fun because he laughs and she smiles... Soooo I am back to ignoring and we will see how that goes for the next few days...

Silly in February


Emma still LOVES dogs!  Actually she thinks she part dog!  It does crack me up all day long!  Her best friends are Guinness and Sabol so what do I expect!  She runs around the backyard and squats and then say I pee like Guin Guin!  I then say want to go on the potty? Her response no I go outside!  OY!!!  Do Kindergartners go to school with diapers?  She also runs around barking and howling like Clifford, eats her food and says I dog!  Hoping this is a phase along with the NO TALKING LIAM!!!!


Birthday Month

Emma LOVES to play with her cousins!  The picture below still cracks me up from this spring- remind you they are 11 months old then her:)  I love that she can see them pretty much whenever and that they will grow up and go to school together...  That may not be so fun in High school with three 16/17 year olds!  YIKES!!!!
April:)  Love this one
 BUBBLE BUBBLE BUBBLES!!!  Emma sure does love her bubbles!!!  This might be one of her favorite things to do outside and we broke the bubble machine:(  A few weeks ago we went to see the Bubble Man at the Library and she LOVED it.  I loved seeing how excited she got at that she was not afraid and overwhelmed with the crowd that was there. 


 Her other favorite thing to do outside is SWING!  I am so thankful the the free swingset we got a few weeks ago!  It has already given us HOURS of entertainment!!!
Yes this is a long post but Emma has changed so much in the past 3-4 months I want to remember it all.  I can't not take enough picture or videos of them.  I wish I could bottle the memories and open then to see again and then re-bottle.  I am sure the next month when we become 2.5 will be filled with many more memories and funny times as she makes me laugh most of the day already!  

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