Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Today is a day I was dreading for a LONG time!!

This girl is happy BECAUSE....

She did NOT cry....

When we left Liam at Aunt Kim's

Emma Got her HAIRCUT!!!!

What a BIG girl!!!
The Lollipop did help:)

I was so proud of her (and VERY relieved!!!) that she didnt cry or fight it at all!!!  She sat down and let Megan cut her hair without a problem at all.  I think it helped that we were able to go to someone's house, she had a 3 year old named Emma and had 2 dogs.  There were also tractors and trucks outside paving the road.  Emma could not have been happier!!!

Had to get a picture of this!  Sponge Bob and Emma.  I am not one who would EVER let my 2 year old watch Sponge Bob... haha don't we all say those things;)  Well I really am not a fan of the show and Emma has never seen it before in her life.  Today when we got back to Aunt Kim's Aidan was watching and this is how Emma stood for about 10 minutes!   It was cute.  
I can say this will not be on her rotation of shows though!  Once was enough for  awhile:)

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