Thursday, August 18, 2011

"OUR" new swing!

Emma AND Liam got a new swing and Emma LOVES it!  I am emphasizing that it is hers and Liam's swing.  She is beginning to claim everything as hers.  I am making sure that I keep saying emma and Liam's new swing! 
He has not tried it out yet but she loved it.  I was glad because she was not a big fan of swings after flipping out of the one at my sisters!
Guinness enjoys chasing her feet!



See my teeth??!!!

There they are!!!  2 teeth!!

Doesn't take them long to go 'against' playground rules and climb UP the slide !
Have a wonderful Thursday!  I think it will be a pool day for us.  We have to go when we can because Fall is right around the corner!!!

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