Saturday, May 21, 2011

Week in review

We did not do a whole lot this week... Maybe why there was a lack of posts!
It has been rainy, rainy, and RAINY here so we have spent a lot of time at home.  Thank God for Clifford:) and the DVR!!!

This coming week we hopefully are going to have a few playdates because Emma is going through a HORRIBLE stage right now!  She was shy before but now it is PAINFULLY shy and she just starts to cry or turn firetruck red with the fear of DEATH in her eyes.  I hate that she is like this all of a sudden.  I was fine with her being shy (knowing she would never go near a stranger) but the crying is a bit too much.  We were at the playground and a littel girl came up to play and Emma looked like she was going to attack her and just started to cry and shake.  Hopefully we will outgrow this SOON!!!

Here are some photos from the week....
Emma teaching her baby how to ride the bike.
 She loves to have me take a picture so she can see herself. 
 Emma has REALLY taken a liking to Liam.  She has to kiss him night night before naps and bed and tells me as SOON as she hears him make any sound.  You barely can hear him on the monitor because he doesn't cry but she always knows when he is awake. 

Helping daddy feed "Yeum a bobble"

I will rub his head as I feed him or when holding him... she is doing the same

Sweet Kisses!

 Emma and her other BFF!!  When Liam is not around:)

 I think I got these in every size up to 12 months:)

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