Thursday, May 5, 2011

Country Kissing Cousins

Today Emma and Liam had some visitors and we had such a great time.  Besides Mema, Hadley and Delaney, our cousin Monica came over with Clara (about 19 months) and Prentice (3.5 months).  The girls all just sort of watched each other play and the boys... well they just kicked and cooed.  It was so great to see them all together and now both Emma and Liam are sound asleep after their busy AM:)!

Emma and Clara- Sharing:)

Liam giving some gang sign;)

Our BIG boys are just 13 days apart

They would not stay still... they will be on the "run" before we know it!

Prentice and Liam

What sweet cousins!

Although we have been here for the WORST winter in MANY winters and one of the WETTEST springs in history... days like this and seeing family makes it worth it.  I feel very blessed that Emma is able to spend time with her cousins.  This is something that we were able to do growing up and it is nice for them to be able to spend time with their cousins now!  I guess I will take the snow and rain!  I am not so sure you would get the same response from Jeff;)

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