Wednesday, May 4, 2011

3 MONTHS!!!! (a little late!)

Look at those cheeks!

Mr. Liam is 3 months old!!! I can't believe that he has only been here for 3 months! I feel like he has been part of our family forever! I actually sat and held him today and was thinking what was life like before you.... Oh yeah... less busy and I got to take naps when Emma did;) Haha I will take the craziness for this cute face!!!!
This outfit saying crabby does NOT fit his personally at all!  I never thought a baby could be happier then Emma but... he just may be!!

Liam continues to be such a great baby! He does not sleep through the night every night but most nights just needs to be re-swaddled (if that is a word). He went a couple nights that he was eating every 2 hours! He must have been growing. We actually do not go to his 4 month apt until he is almost 5 months. I was going to change it but then thought it is one more month without shots so that is ok with me:) I just want to know what he weighs:)

He is so happy! He is really starting to "talk" more and laugh. It is the sweetest sound! Even at 4 AM like he has done the last two mornings! I would much rather wake up to his joyful squeals then crying.... no matter what time! That is what caffiene is for, right???!!!

Happy (belated) 3 month Birthday Liam! 

We can't leave out Emma!  She seems to think the Bumbo is for her again!

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